Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Guess who's back, back again.

I am back, tell a friend. Or don't. You do you!

What has it been, like a year? Before I start I feel like I should explain why I haven't posted in so long and I guess the main reason was that I just had no time nor did I have any motivation. I was honestly super busy with school and all in all I felt as if 2016 was just a very stressful year and I for once am v e r y  g l a d that it is over. A lot of good stuff happened too in 2016 and I'll probably do some throwback posts on the highlights. 

Some of the main reasons for me blogging is 
1) my dad is a big fan of my blog and he's been complaining for basically a year that ever since I stopped posting he no longer knows whats going on in my life so you're welcome iskä.
2) I'm currently living at my parents's house and I basically have no school (or at least no classes) and no work (I quit my job of 2,5 years!) so I have lots of more spare time on my hands 
3) The reason I am living at home is because me and André (that's my bf for those of you who don't remember, haha) moved out of our apartment (yes, we moved in together!!! So many new things to tell you about) because we're both going ON EXCHANGE! Technically André is already in York, England and has been for a few days and I'm leaving in February to Nottingham, England. 

I've always liked the fact that the blog has served as my diary where I can look back at what I've done so I definitely need to document my time abroad. But before that I'll keep updating and sharing some tb posts. Hope you'll want to stick around!

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