Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Details about my exchange

Today I haven't done anything interesting (I've been trying to translate a book that is in Danish and at first I actually thought it was Norwegian which made the translating even harder for this essay that I'm writing so you can imagine how that's going...) so instead I thought I'd tell you a little but about my exchange, the process, what I know so far and what I still have to do, that kinda stuff!

I've know ever since I've started Uni that it's obligatory for English students to go on some type of exchange at some point of their studies. Basically, you have to live at least 8 weeks or a maximum of one year in an English speaking country. The exchange is a part of a course called "Language practice" and the main idea is that you live somewhere where you have to communicate in English everyday, and be a part of the English-speaking society. An no, you can't go on holiday somewhere for two months - you have to go either to study or to work. 

I chose to study, since I feel like that still gives you more free time and you get to meet a lot of other international students. At first I was thinking about applying to the US, possibly Pittsburgh where my cousin Nadya is studying, but the application progress was a lot longer and time-consuming than if you were applying to Europe. For instance, you had to apply to over 10 universities (!!) which means you had to study up on 10 different Universities and their courses and so on. For me that was just too much work, but I know that people who have gone to the US to study have been really satisfied. Luckily, I have family who live there, so I always have a reason to go there either way!

I basically took the easiest route I could find, and applied to a University that has a cooperation agreement with the English department where I study. The school I chose to apply for was Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, England, and I got accepted, which wasn't a big surprise considering that they have something like 3 spots reserved for students from our department. Unfortunately, with Brexit and all, we're not sure how that cooperation will look in the future, but I hope other students have the opportunity to take part of exchange as well without any hassle.

The council house in Nottingham which pops up on every google image search so I'm guessing it's a big attraction?

The Clifton Campus is where my classes will be held.
The application process wasn't that difficult really, I think it was more stressful because I made it stressful. I stressed about taking the right courses, finding the right accommodation and finding the dates for the exchange, applying for grants and so on. There was also some misleading information on their website about the startdates and originally I was leaving in January but now I have basically everything fixed: I'm leaving on the 1st of February, I have my first meeting on the 3rd and my classes start on the 6th. I've booked at room at a big student accommodation called Raleigh Park, I've bought my plane tickets and André is planning to come and visit me the first weekend I'm in England. All I have to do now is pay for my accommodation, buy a traveler's insurance and start packing!
This is approximately what my room will look like ,at least according to the website. I mean you always hear about these horror stories where the pictures look nothing like real life but fingers crossed that it's as nice as it looks! As you can see it's just a room with a bed, some storage space, a desk and a pin board. The kitchen and bathrooms are shared.

I think I'm even more excited to go now that I've just been at home for the larger part of January. Plus knowing I'll be in the same country as André, only two hours away from him, also helps a lot.

If any of you readers happen to know a lot about Nottingham (if you've visited or maybe even live there, who knows?) please do not hesitate to leave a comment in this post, I'd love to get some advice on basically anything that has to do with the city or travelling!

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