Thursday, January 26, 2017

Clueless phonecalls

Sunshine selfies
The weather today was actually pretty nice - it was pretty warm, the ice and snow was melting (which also meant it was very (!) slippery) and for the most part of the day it was sunny. Of course, now it's 4 in the afternoon and the sun is already setting... but hey, each day we're getting more and more daylight and summer will be here before we know it

Speaking of summer, I got a job interview today! At first when I got the call I just kinda missed the first part of the phone call all together. The conversation went a little bit like this:

woman on phone: Hi this is *I couldn't catch her name*
Me: Hi!
woman on phone: Yes, I'm calling about the job you applied for, can you come in for an interview on Monday?
Me: Yes! *thinking to myself "which job is she talking about? I've applied to like 10!"* Sooo, when and where is this interview?
woman on the phone: Well, you just come to our front lobby, you know at *says the name of the place*
Me: Oh, right! Yes, see you there!

She must've thought I was dumb or something for not "knowing" the quite obvious meeting place but I didn't even at first know what job she was talking about. This isn't actually the first time it has happened to me, for some reason I just have a hard time hearing the beginning of a phone call. One time I went to a job interview not really knowing what kind of job they were offering me. And when it comes to job interviews, it feels a bit embarrassing to ask them after a few minutes where they're calling from. But the main point is that I have an interview and it's on Monday and I know what job it is too. I'm super pleased that I got at least one interview before I leave on Wednesday - I don't know how many work places do skype calls when it comes to summer jobs, but I'm guessing not many!

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