Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Big bills and doggie daycare

This weeks has had a nice and mellow start. Yesterday I worked on some school stuff, took the doggie out for a walk, made lunch and dinner and collected my stuff from the flea market. Sales weren't great, I gotta say. Last time I had a table at the flea market was during Easter, so I actually managed to sell a lot of stuff. Now in January, people are trying to live a happy and healthy life and that also means they're not shopping as much. Well, it was worth a try and I did get a little bit of pocket money which is never a bad thing.

The bad thing though is that I got a HUGE phone bill yesterday - 76 euros! My phone bill has n e v e r been that big, it's usually around 10 euros or something. But in December when we were in Florida we kept calling each other (mostly me and my mom) because we were travelling with two cars and if the other car got lost, we'd have to call to tell them where to go. Those calls weren't long, only like a minute each, but all those short calls stacked up and voila, there goes all my flea market money. 

Yesterday I also applied for some summer jobs. I mentioned it briefly, but I quit my job at Arnolds. I had been there for almost 3 years and it felt like I needed to do something new. Also, after working and studying at the same time for three years straight, I felt like I needed some time off and it's been really nice to have a lot more free time in January. Writing the blog has been so much fun, whereas back when I was working, it felt like the only things going on in my life were school and work, and those weren't that interesting to write about. 

So this is the first time in 3 years that I've had to look for a new summer job, and I had almost forgotten how much work it is! Luckily, I have a lot of experience in customer service so I don't think I will have any problems getting an interview (I've actually already heard back from one place already). I think the biggest issue this year will be the fact that I actually have no idea when I'll be back in Finland this summer. The dates for my exchange are still a bit unclear, and from what I've heard, usually classes end much sooner than what has been informed online. Hopefully someone will understand my situation and appreciate how much experience and knowledge I have in customer service, since I've literally worked every summer since I was 15 years old!
I've hung out with a dog so much lately, I've turned into one myself

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