Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: Year in Review

Although 2017 overall has been a flaming dumpster fire, for me personally 2017 was all around good. 2016 for me felt very rough, I was dealing with a lot of stress from school, I was always feeling worried and my birth control made me an emotional wreck. Why am I even mentioning 2016, this post is all about this year and what happened, so here we go!


- I started off Jnaury the worst way possible - throwing my guts out. It is to date the worst stomach flu me and my family members have experienced. The only good thing that came out of it was that André stayed in Finland a couple of more days than he had previous planned. But once he got better he flew off to England, and I didn't see him for a month. 

- Julle, Isa and I went to Pori to visit Emppu. We saw the Scandinavian Hunks and planned an epic night out, which ended up with me not being able to go 'cause I was still feeling weak from the stomach flu, and the others staying in the club for well, an hour or so. Maybe we'll try again this year with better success?
- My dad turned 50 and I baked him a cake which totally failed and I had to run to the store to buy premade cake. I was in the kitchen for 8 hours that day, luckily the sushi turned out alright!

- The girls (all except Sofie) reunited at Ella's housewarming party!


- It was my time to pack my bags and I was off to Nottingham!

- André came and visited me the first weekend I was there and I was so happy to see him, but it was so hard to say goodbye again!

- I met all the other international students and made so many new friends!

- I visited André in York for the first time and had a belated Valentine's date

- England was cold and rainy but I did fun stuff, like celebrate International Pancake day, and visit a taxidermy museum.

- While most of the other internationals were in Scotland, I went out with Betul and Elle and had one of the most fun nights out in Notts!

- for the first time, I felt really homesick after spending a weekend alone doing nothing

- Luckily I got to see André often and he cheered me up with some pancakes!

- Andrea, Anne, Lotte and I went for coffee at the cutest cafe in Notts :)

- I celebrated St. Patrick's day for the first time!

- The weather was starting to get a lot warmer and I felt genuinely happy!

- I climbed up mount Snowdon and the views were breathtaking! I cried on the way down because I'm absolutely terrified of heights!


- Easter break started and it my favorite part of the exchange (haha)

- I went on an Easter Pub Crawl and experienced Rock City which was definitely the best club in Nottingham in my experience!

- Me and André went to Scotland together and had such a lovely time there!

- We especially enjoyed the whiskey tasting...

- and the stunning views

- but mostly we just liked being there together

- We also loved visiting Glasgow!

- but the travelling wasn't over because for our birthdays we went to London!

- We went to the London Zoo

- and saw the Phantom of the Opera which has been a lifelong dream of mine

- Coming back to Nottingham after London felt pretty shitty, to be honest. 

- But fun extempore trips with friends made it all better!


- Vappu was a whole lot different this year, and although I missed my friends I had a really great time in York with André

- I made sure to hang out with my international friends as much as possible, because our exchange was almost over and people were staring to go home!

- I took a day trip to the Lake District and the mountain hiking went a lot better this time!

- We also went shopping to Leeds

- Our families came to visit us in Nottingham and it was the hottest weekend yet!


- It was time to say goodbye to everybody and go out for one last time :(

- and before I knew it I was back in Finland!

- I sang at Esa's 50th birthday

-  and we moved into our new apartment where we mostly hung out on the balcony

- I spent most of June working!

- In July,  my aunt Tessa and her husband Adam came to Finland!

- We had a housewarming for my family

- I didn't get to go to Ruisrock this year because I was working, but that didn't stop me from dressing up like I was going to a festival!

- My brother had his confirmation party

- And I FINALLY got a new phone


- I got really sick in August but continued working

- Tessa and Adam threw a sushi party at our place

- our place started looking like a home

- There was a terror attack in my hometown, right next to where I work. It was truly a sad day and something that really affected not only the people in the town deeply, but the whole nation.

- I attended my first ever crayfishparty

- Åbo looked beautiful in late August


- School started in September and so did basketball!

- Me and André explored our own city and went to see art at VAM

- We won the first game of the season!


- Me and André celebrated 3 years together 💗

- and we had a super spooky Halloween party


- In November I played basketball, worked and wrote. that's pretty much it!


Now I'm getting ready to host a NYE party at our house, and there's still lots to do. Looking back I can not be anything but grateful that I've gotten to experience so many fun things this year, and meet so many new poeple while still knowing that I always have my family and friends back home!

Hopefully you all have a wonderful New Year and may 2018 be not so garbage!