Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It has been a month (almost) since my last update, I know! Here's a quick recap :)))))))))

Me and Andre celebrated our 1 year anniversary by going minigolfing (which was terrifying tbh), having the best pre-dinner drink at Tiirakkala (Pacific Mist in my heart, always) and having a delicious dinner at E.Ekblom (I seriously recommend it, it was super cosy, very good service, food was divine and it was pretty cheap!). The best part though was spending all day with him!

Housewarming party @ Ellen's and bowling, the pictures are pretty self-explanatory I think!

Fall is finally here (actually, it is a bit too warm still I think...) but the leaves are a beautiful red and yellow color! Also it's Halloween and I AM OBSESSED WITH HALLOWEEN so I'm pretty pumped for our sitz tomorrow. Just a little bit.

PS! I promised to give my cousin and her friends a shout out, they have a travel blog where they explore different areas around Pittsburgh, please check it out at http://sixwanderingfeet.blogspot.fi/ !

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hello October!

Yeah, I know, we're already a few days into October but I haven't really had any inspiration to write anything in here. But here I am again, trying!

I don't think these past few weeks have been that special, I've been sick so apart from going to school I've just focused on getting better really, and today I finally feel like a normal person so I'll definitely be hitting the gym tomorrow!

October is a pretty special month for me. First of all it's Halloween season and I love Halloween. I'm thinking of doing a sort of scary movie marathon this month. I've already started with Scary movie (ok, basically it's a parody of a scary movie but it's an easy start!). I'm definitely gonna check out A Nightmare before Christmas because I've never actually seen it, I feel ashamed writing that...

The second thing is that this month me and Andre will have been together for a year. Crazy, time goes by so fast!