Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Norlie & KKV

 The new Snapchat  update has definitely been used frequently this past week, all of the pictures above are taken from Robin & Emil's beerpong tournament. Me and Andre were a pretty good team, we had a strong start with two victories in a row but it seemed as if we got worse as the night proceeded. Hmm, wonder why...?

On Saturday me and Emppu drove to Helsinki to see the swedish duo Norlie & KKV. I was super pumped since I have been dying to see them for a while now. Our hotel room reminded us a 70's themed bus, so that was fun. The gig was good but it was so short, only 45 minutes! On the other hand, I don't think I've ever been as sweaty as I was after the gig so it was nice to get out of the venue. We continued the festivities to Namu and since I've never been out and about in Helsinki, I was pretty pumped. The music was really good, and despite it being quite expensive, I can honestly say I had a great time. Before heading home on Sunday we had brunch at the Karl Fazer cafe and it was heaven on a plate. 

 I was already feeling pretty sick on Friday before the gig (That's what happens when your boyfriend says Hmm, isn't it weird that neither of us have gotten sick yet with all of our friends having the flu... thanks for that one) so Sunday was pretty much spent in bed trying not to die. Luckily with the help of Finrexin, Strepsils and cuddles I'm not feeling much better (Unfortunately the cuddler is now the one who is sick, sorryyyyy)

 It's a new week and I've taken it by the horns (Ok so the first two days I didn't because I was still sick but today I've turned a new leaf). I actually woke up at 7 in the morning without any alarm so I decided to make the most out of this morning by cleaning the kitchen, having a nice breakfast and heading early to school. I've also managed to pay some bills, do some homework and may I say that I am totally feeling myself today. YAY HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYBODY xxx

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

sippin' on wine

Two shots from this week so far:

me sippin' on some wine, writing a report for our board meeting 

Andre and my kinda messy room, wearing my mickey mouse pants

The rest of the week is going to be pretty intense, especially tomorrow. I have aerobics class in the morning, classes, board stuff, beerpong tournament, work, a charity run and Norlie & KKV gig in Helsinki! Yikes, I am stressed but very excited!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Funday

Last week went by really fast, mostly because I worked on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so those days tend to go by a lot faster anyways. Thursday in particular was a very long day, because I worked from 8 to 5, and after that I went straight to the park by the church where Britannica had their checkpoint in the "gulisintagning" aka the welcoming ceremony thingy for new students. I really think people enjoyed the slip n' slide we had them sliding on, and we definitely had a good time watching people get wet. 

On Friday after work Andre came to my place and we just chilled and watched tv which was definitely something I really needed after what felt like the longest day ever at work. On Saturday we did some shopping (well, all I got was a bottle of wine but that counts right?) and we also decided to try out Pink Vanilla Desserts which I had been dying to try out. I have to say I was a bit disappointed, just because everything was way too sweet. I mean it's American so I get that it's very sweet but it was just way too much. I definitely think Emppu's cupcakes are way better, but I was still happy that I tried it out!

Today I've just been to the gym and had dinner at my parents' house (which was heavenly), now I'm just thinking of the upcoming week  and I have some pretty fun things planned, so I am excited to say the least!

Monday, September 7, 2015


Hola! Merry Monday everybody. Since my pictures nowadays mostly consist of snaps, above you can see a little collage of my most recent pics; I've mostly had a lot of chai lattes (my absolute favorite, it tastes like Christmas in a cup, how can you not like that?!), Chilling with my favorite peeps and updates on the ever changing weather over here. It's been raining and it's been cold, but I don't mind it at all, 'cause it means I can finally start wearing sweaters, I won't be so goddamn hot all the time and I can light candles and drink tea, YAS! 

I've also had time to think about my BA thesis which I am now pretty excited about, I've planned a fun weekend trip with Emppu, I'm really looking forward to the events we're planning with Britannica, my morning aerobics class starts in a week and all in all I feel pretty happy about everything. Yay for fall and yay for sometimes feeling like you're actually doing this thing called adulthood pretty decently! xo

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Heyoo! The first day of this semester was pretty chill; we introduced ourselves to the new students, had a meeting with our board to discuss upcoming events, had lunch, and got information about this semester in general. I don't have that many classes at least this first period, but I intend on making good progress with my bachelor's essay. I have two ideas as to what I will write about so I just have to do some more research before choosing my final topic!

After work I got home and watched the VMA's and Paradise Hotel. And today I have had the day off so I woke up early and went to a dance class at my gym, I cleaned the whole apartment and now I'm planning on making some dinner. Later I'm meeting up with the other English students to play some football and hopefully some basketball as well, it's been so long since I've last shot some hoops (and I plan on crushing everybody else). 
Here's the board! Check out our instagram account if you want to! :)