Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rainbows & Birthdays

Yes, I know I've been terrible at updating. So once again I'll just post a few pics from last week with short descriptions of what has been going on. Toodeloo!

On Friday both Emil and Robin celebrated their 22nd birthday. I had lots of fun singing and chatting with friends, but when the others continued to the Monkey I decided to go home since I had work in the morning, a very wise choice I must say. The credit for the writing on the donuts go to my co-workers Riina and Laura who are way craftier than me!

 Last night: vegetarian "balls" (bahahah, balls) and Legally Blonde 2, could it get any better?//Was going to bed but ended up watching youtube videos for 2 hours, typical...// Went to see a horror movie called "The Gallows" with Essi, quite ok but not as scary as I had hoped! Got a few good screams out of me though.
I'll end the post with this pretty rainbow spotted outside my building (Yes, this is the amazing view pout my window)

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