Sunday, August 30, 2015

Perfect ending to the summer

First let's recap this summer: it went by super fast. In the blink of an eye. Considering that my summer holiday basically started in May, I've been out of school for almost 4 months. Yikes, I'm glad to get back to studying to be honest. Some of the most memorable moments were; mini holiday to Sweden with Emppu and Julle which was super fun; Midsummer with my girls; Nadya and Tessa coming to visit (and my grandma and Rob!); Hanging out with my family; hanging out with Andre and then missing him when he was gone; Ruisrock; mini holiday to Malax; this weekend. 

Ok so this weekend was the last weekend of summer, and it was a good one. On Friday after work me and Andre went to Raisio and watched Austin Powers with my family. We stayed the night because on Saturday morning we drove to Helsinki and Linnanmäki. I absolutely love amusement parks and I haven't been to one in Finland for ages (3 years to be more exact). It was so much fun! We went on almost all of the rides (NOT the Ferris wheel of the free fall-rides because me and heights and going up slowly do not go well together). We ate street food and ice-cream and Andre won me a fluffy polar bear and I won him a stress ball XD. If I was a kid from Monster's Inc, they could've lit up an entire city with my screams alone!
Ice cream break!

Trying to take a cute picture in the tea cup didn't quite work out...

My butt was so wet after this...

I FINALLY got to put one of those city filters on Snapchat *way too excited*

We got back pretty late but decided to hang out with Emil and Emppu at Andres place. A glass of wine turned into a couple of glasses but it was actually a pretty great spontaneous chill night. Today me and Andre just chilled on the couch and made wok and watched HIMYM; he hasn't really ever followed the series so this summer we have gone through 5 seasons. I never get tired of watching it. In the evening we went to see the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. I have been waiting for this movie for months and it did not disappoint me! I laughed and I cried, I was happy and sad and nostalgic and it seriously might be my favorite Disney Pixar movie, it's definitely in the very top!

I think I liked sadness the most. It was a good reminder that it's ok to feel sad about things at times, even if you don't really have a "reason" to. 
Now I'm laying in bed, trying to figure out what to wear and figuring out how my week will look. The first wo weeks are always hectic, but it looks as if I will have a lot of free time on my hands. Which is good, I mena, I have a bachelor's thesis to write! Have a great week everybody!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's been a while

Ok I haven't written anything in like 2 weeks and a lot of things have happened since then. So here's a short recap:
*Julle had a going-away party since she will be spending the next 6 months studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark! It was a blast, in fact it was so much fun I basically stayed up all ´night. You can imagine how I spent the entire next day... yes, I slept.
*Andre had his last work shift so I've made sure to spend a lot of time with him to catch up with all the weeks he was away this summer. We even took a trip to his hometown Malax and spent a weekend with his family, which was really relaxing!
*School starts next week (!!!) which means a lot od stress about courses and my bachelor's thesis which I am beginning to write this fall, but it also feels pretty great to get back to everyday life, to meet my friends at school and get back to studying.
* We booked a trip! In December me, my family and Andre are going to Florida for two weeks where we're renting an apartment, then we'll fly to Charlotte, North Carolina and spend Christmas with Tessa, Adam and Nadya. Can't wait!

To conclude this post: pictures! (in no particular order)
Hungover on a Sunday means the sofa is your bae

Girls and guitar seassions at 5 a.m

Fun story: HIM played a gig at Klubi, the nightclub right under my apartment. I litarally waited one hour looking out my window for them to come out so I could get a picture. You couldn't really recognize leadman Ville Valo so I had to circle him in red. lol, worth it.

Sunbathing with Emppu//Homemade avocado and chicken pasta//Mira, my co-worker did some wonders with my hair... hello highlights!

Homemade sushi dinner date, it was Andre's first time rolling sushi and I think he did a pretty good job!

Åminne in Malax

Chilling in a park//Waiting for the train// Back to School with the family!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Snapshots part.24568176

Yes, I am very bad at blogging and like most of this summers blogposts, this post will mostly include snapchat pictures with captions. Yaaaayyy let's get to it.

1. I finally got my (trannslation:) "Why Paris when we have Turku" poster // Just chilling and sufin'
2. Andre and Maya cuddling
3. Andre and me cuddling (which is a totally appropriate thing to do on a Sunday night). Also, notice how we're both snapchatting basically the same thing. Lame, I know.
4. Me and Emppu on Saturday at Isa's. The night ended with my first ever "bar catfight", drinks being thrown and the whole shabang. I mostly just tried to cool everyone down but in the end I was soaked in cider which is an experience, I guess. All I can say is that some people need to chill (!!!) and it definitely was not our fault!

5. Maya is the cutest!
6. Today I finally had the evening shift which meant I could enjoy the sun like everybody else (Andre is more tanned than me at this point and that is not acceptable. Don't worry, I'm planning on catching up this week). Too bad that it was abit cloudy at first but I got a good couple of hours of sun in the end. Maybe summer isn't over yet!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rainbows & Birthdays

Yes, I know I've been terrible at updating. So once again I'll just post a few pics from last week with short descriptions of what has been going on. Toodeloo!

On Friday both Emil and Robin celebrated their 22nd birthday. I had lots of fun singing and chatting with friends, but when the others continued to the Monkey I decided to go home since I had work in the morning, a very wise choice I must say. The credit for the writing on the donuts go to my co-workers Riina and Laura who are way craftier than me!

 Last night: vegetarian "balls" (bahahah, balls) and Legally Blonde 2, could it get any better?//Was going to bed but ended up watching youtube videos for 2 hours, typical...// Went to see a horror movie called "The Gallows" with Essi, quite ok but not as scary as I had hoped! Got a few good screams out of me though.
I'll end the post with this pretty rainbow spotted outside my building (Yes, this is the amazing view pout my window)