Sunday, June 28, 2015

Save the margaritas!

This week has basically flown by and I've had a blast despite working everyday (except today when I had a day off, yay!). I've been hanging with my friends, Nadya and Andre, we went to see Jurassic World which was quite good, I can't really say I am a big dinosaur fan but I definitely enjoyed the movie. I've also been to the Medieval Market and had lunch at an Asian Buffet with Andre. 


Yesterday after work I met up with some friends at Ella's where she served us some punch, and after a couple of hours we made our way to the city. The plan was to check out Aussie Bar, but the lines were so long we went to Donna instead. The night ended at Edison and I had a really great time last night, so glad I got to see almost all of my friends!¨

Today I cleaned the apartment and I finally fixed the light in the bathroom (taking a shower in the dark is NOT fun). We had a delicious Sunday dinner with my family in Raisio, after which we played Mario Kart on Wii (I lost every time, naturally) and played cards (I won, naturally). It's been a pretty perfect Sunday, a perfect week in fact!

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