Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chilly start.

It's been quite a 'lame' start to summer, at least it felt like that this week when Essi was gone and Andre was gone and I a lot of my time was spent at home watching Vampire Diaries. Ok, I might be over-exaggerating a bit - I did meet up with my friends for ice-cream movies and just chilling, I went home to catch up with my family and I worked. 

I am however really looking forward to this week, it already started with some drinks at Donna yesterday with Julle and Emppu. I think Finnish people in general have decided that since it's June it's also Summer, despite it being like 11 degrees Celsius outside. Thank god for blankets!

Maya is definitely feeling the summer, so much that her paws are constantly covered in dust and mudd becuase she spends all of her time outside // Ella stopped by one night and I made some sandwiches in the oven from all of the leftover food I had in my fridge // I bought ice-cream with Cristel from Gelataria Nuvole, trust me it is the BEST ice-cream in Turku, I am obsessed with their lemon pie-flavored ice-cream. YUM

Below: A new dress from Gina Tricot. And yes I was wearing stockings, I ain't cray cray, it's pretty cold outside!

'I'm already super pumped about the next coming weeks because Andre is home (at least for a while), I'm picking up Nadya from the airport tomorrow (!!!) and for once I actually have some pretty exciting plans fro midsummer. Now if only it got a bit warmer and sunnier I'd be extremely happy!

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