Sunday, June 28, 2015

Save the margaritas!

This week has basically flown by and I've had a blast despite working everyday (except today when I had a day off, yay!). I've been hanging with my friends, Nadya and Andre, we went to see Jurassic World which was quite good, I can't really say I am a big dinosaur fan but I definitely enjoyed the movie. I've also been to the Medieval Market and had lunch at an Asian Buffet with Andre. 


Yesterday after work I met up with some friends at Ella's where she served us some punch, and after a couple of hours we made our way to the city. The plan was to check out Aussie Bar, but the lines were so long we went to Donna instead. The night ended at Edison and I had a really great time last night, so glad I got to see almost all of my friends!¨

Today I cleaned the apartment and I finally fixed the light in the bathroom (taking a shower in the dark is NOT fun). We had a delicious Sunday dinner with my family in Raisio, after which we played Mario Kart on Wii (I lost every time, naturally) and played cards (I won, naturally). It's been a pretty perfect Sunday, a perfect week in fact!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

That's why I'm easy like Sunday morning

My Saturday and Sunday were both pretty easy, which is definitely something I needed after our festivities on Friday. I went home to my parents house where our family friends were also staying for the weekend, ate good food, played card games, watched Mamma Mia and the 'Friendzone' marathon on Mtv and snuggled with my baby brother. I have a 6 day work-week ahead of me, but I also get to see Andre again. And I get to know whether or not I got next weekend off. Fingers crossed x

Pelikaani lens turbiinii

Laughter, tears, falling in bushes, awesome cupcakes, meeting new people, emotional talk with friends, talking like a white girl, walking to the local pub, singing. That's what my midsummer was made of and it was awesome! One of the best weekends this summer!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

flower goodies

So midsummer is tomorrow, and for the first time I'm actually celebrating it. The past years I've basically been working so I've spent it with my family or last year with Julle's family. This year almost all of my friends will be in the same place and I am just so so so excited. And I have so much left to do; Think of what to wear when it's basically fall here, how to do my hair, what to drink, what to eat, how to get there... Currently I'm waiting for Nadya to come here so we can go and do some serious midsummer shopping!

I'm thinking flowy hair with flowers in it, rum & coke, potato salad with grilled goodies and maybe cupcakes?
1 year ago

Jack is my favorite

Yesterday: Work. Dinner at Pub Niska, I had the 'Jack' pizza which is my favorite. Inter-KTP game (Inter won, yay!)


I just watched a documentary on Netflix called Bully and now my eyes are red and puffy from sobbing for two hours. Ugh, bullying is just so unnecessary. I was gonna write this long speech about how awful it is but we all know that. Instead I encourage you to watch the documentary (I think it can also be found on Youtube) and think of how you can make a change. Even if you're not in school anymore, try to talk to your younger siblings about being kind to others, or just give someone a compliment. Talk to somebody who looks lonely, be nice to your friends and family and the people you work with. Think of all the times a small gesture made you feel good about yourself.

Ok, going to bed, ugly-crying has given me a headache. Goodnight!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lynchburg Lemonade

I am really looking forward to this week. Last week was pretty hectic; work, Nadya coming home, Essi and Andre being back, so I had a busy schedule. This week I only work today and tomorrow and this Friday is midsummer which I am spending with my friends for the first time ever! So I'm pretty pumped. 

What else? I finished the 3rd season of Orange is the New Black in like 3 days... what am I going to watch now?

Lynchburg Lemonade at Donna, it was delicious (and expensive) // Throwback to 1997 when me and Nadya were cute little tv-watching baby buddies

Friday, June 12, 2015


I've been pretty good with documenting my days this past week, and it only makes me want to buy a proper camera even more. I used to have a Canon 1000d and then one day it just stopped working. That was like two years ago, but when I get my next paycheck I might invest in a new camera!

Without further ado, here's my week in pictures!

Look who's back! Nadya, my cousin from anotha world (jk, she is however from the States which is kinda the same thing?) is finally back in Finland after a two year hiatus. We haven't seen each other in over 1,5 years so we obviously had a lot of catching up to do, since I was the one picking her up from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, the ride back home pretty much flew by. 

Ikea oh how I have missed you. I needed some things for my apartment and Ikea was the answer to my prayers. The blue cover for my hand-me-down sofa which was cheap but also has some stains on it and a cute little 'succulent' plant. Haha, I don't know why the word succulent makes me smile and cringe at the same time. Anyways, I'm pretty pleased with the results, now I only have a few more items on my to-buy list!

 Let the sun shine! Finally it's getting warmer so today before work me and Nadya went to sit by the river and just tanned and ate strawberries for a couple of hours. Yay to not being pale anymore! Yay to tan-lines! Yay to summer!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

El Nam

Apart from cleaning the apartment, buying a new cover for one of my pillows, going grocery shopping and finally seeing Andre, we also had dinner at El Nam ('nam' is like saying 'yum' in Finnish, btw), a new Mexican restaurant which has recently opened pretty close to me. We both ate the 3 soft tortillas with chicken and beef filling, with nachos and guac. It was pretty good, I've definitely had better Mexican food but the restaurant was really fresh looking so I'd definitely go again to try something different. 

Åbo by night

Last night when I walked home from Donna I just had to snap some pictures on the way.

 What a beautiful home-city I live in!

Chilly start.

It's been quite a 'lame' start to summer, at least it felt like that this week when Essi was gone and Andre was gone and I a lot of my time was spent at home watching Vampire Diaries. Ok, I might be over-exaggerating a bit - I did meet up with my friends for ice-cream movies and just chilling, I went home to catch up with my family and I worked. 

I am however really looking forward to this week, it already started with some drinks at Donna yesterday with Julle and Emppu. I think Finnish people in general have decided that since it's June it's also Summer, despite it being like 11 degrees Celsius outside. Thank god for blankets!

Maya is definitely feeling the summer, so much that her paws are constantly covered in dust and mudd becuase she spends all of her time outside // Ella stopped by one night and I made some sandwiches in the oven from all of the leftover food I had in my fridge // I bought ice-cream with Cristel from Gelataria Nuvole, trust me it is the BEST ice-cream in Turku, I am obsessed with their lemon pie-flavored ice-cream. YUM

Below: A new dress from Gina Tricot. And yes I was wearing stockings, I ain't cray cray, it's pretty cold outside!

'I'm already super pumped about the next coming weeks because Andre is home (at least for a while), I'm picking up Nadya from the airport tomorrow (!!!) and for once I actually have some pretty exciting plans fro midsummer. Now if only it got a bit warmer and sunnier I'd be extremely happy!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer do

Hey, when you're cheep and lazy you can always just take the kitchen scissors and cut your hair yourself! 

I guess it's officially summer now, but it's been pouring rain all day long. I didn't mind, I was working today. I don't really have anything special planned this week; Andre is going to work for a week and my roomie Essi is also going home to visit her family, Most of my friends work as well and I'm obviously working so I'll probably just go to the gym on my days off and binge-watch catfish. I actually have two days off tomorrow and Wednesday, I was oping it would be warm and sunny but looks like the rainy weather is here to stay, at least for a while. 

I am however really looking forward to next week because my cousin Nadya is coming from the States and she's staying in Finland for 3 weeks! The last time I saw her was one and a half years ago?! That's wayy too long. I wanna hear all about her collage adventures in Pittsburgh!