Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What have I done?!

Ok, the title wasn't supposed to be that dramatic, I'm actually just here to tell you about my week! Oh and sorry for the blog hiatus, I've just been busy enjoying my time off, that's right, I am officially on summer break! Well, I have one more essay to finish (and it's a b i g one) but other than that, I'll be free until June when I start working again. Feels pretty amazing, to be honest. I'm also taking a weekend trip to Stockholm in two days which I am really excited about! But now about the past week: 

We had a get-together with the classmates. Some of them are going abroad next year which will feel weird, not seeing them every week. But the good thing is that I can always visit (I'm talking about you Tillie, Iceland sounds pretty tempting!)

After our last exam we sat outside and enjoyed the sun! Stole the pic from Matilda's blog: littlefinnishpixie.ratata.fi 

On Saturday I had a GREAT hairday, I just had to share! I also said goodbye to Andre who went home for the week. In the evening I met up with the girls, I made them some tuna-pie and Pavlova cake. We played Alias and obviously shared some gossip ;)

On Sunday it was mother's day, and we celebrated by having lunch at Naantalin kylpylä. It felt really special being there with my mom and both of my grandmothers, three women who definitely deserve to be celebrated. I spent the rest of the day on my parents's couch, fighting off the food-induced coma.

Three generations, plus the necklace I am wearing is my great grandmothers, so she was with us in spirit!

Mother and son!

Yesterday I went to the gym, finished one of my essays and in the evening I met up with my mom and grandmother to watch some football. My dad's team won 2-0, hurray!

And today I've just been chilling, I made a delicious breakfast smoothie and watched Grease for the first time in a very long time, I also made some delicious lunch with broccoli and spinach, trust me, it was heavenly! Later I'm going to go see my mother's choir sing and after that I'm meeting up with some people from my class at a bar to see Finland play against Russia in the world championships of hockey. Hopefully they'll win!

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tilli said...

so much about this post is great, especially the title. btw, yo bruh has got a kind of Samberg face going, good for him.