Sunday, May 24, 2015

We are the heroes of our time

It's Sunday and that means that I only have one week left of my break before I start working again! It's nice to have some time off but I'm also the kind of person that cannot stay put for too long, so I don't mind going back to work, specially since I won't have school which means I don't have any assignments or homework to think about!

This weekend has been spent with friends and family, on Friday me and Andre went to my parents house to have this summer seasons first grilled dinner! It was delish btw. Yesterday I went to the gym and in the evening me, Emppu and Essi went to Donna for some drinks. It was ok to sit outside as long as the sun was shining, but it definitely got a bit cold later on. We didn't stay for too long since we of course had to watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Congratz to Sweden and Måns! Also, how hunky were not Italy's trio? Yum.

Today I am just planning on chilling at home, it's a "red day" which means that almost none of the shops are open, that just means I'll have to work extra hard on my language paper today and hopefully get closer to finishing it!

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