Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oh, what a lovely day

It's been a pretty busy week (apart from Tuesday when I was so bored I literally thought I would die), I've seen some football with my mom and Andre, I saw Mad Max: Fury Road in the movie theater and really liked it (cars? nah. Tom Hardy and awesome female cast Yes please!), I made Andre some pancakes, finished my last essay for this year, went jogging with my mom, worked for the first time after my one-month break and yesterday I had a blast with my friends celebrating the fact that summer is actually here!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

We are the heroes of our time

It's Sunday and that means that I only have one week left of my break before I start working again! It's nice to have some time off but I'm also the kind of person that cannot stay put for too long, so I don't mind going back to work, specially since I won't have school which means I don't have any assignments or homework to think about!

This weekend has been spent with friends and family, on Friday me and Andre went to my parents house to have this summer seasons first grilled dinner! It was delish btw. Yesterday I went to the gym and in the evening me, Emppu and Essi went to Donna for some drinks. It was ok to sit outside as long as the sun was shining, but it definitely got a bit cold later on. We didn't stay for too long since we of course had to watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Congratz to Sweden and Måns! Also, how hunky were not Italy's trio? Yum.

Today I am just planning on chilling at home, it's a "red day" which means that almost none of the shops are open, that just means I'll have to work extra hard on my language paper today and hopefully get closer to finishing it!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


The week so far has consisted of writing my essay that is due next week, going to the gym and yesterday I hung out with Andre. We watched Get Hard and Fight Club, but neither of us were really paying attention to the movies, just chatting about random things. Today I stopped by Arken to get some papers fixed, after which me and Andre had lunch at Pub Niska. The weather was beautiful and it was really warm so we sat outside which was nice. We also had some ice-cream by the river, it was my first ice-cream bought from a kiosk this spring which is a definite sign that summer is fast approaching.

Also looking forward to seeing the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest tonight! Finland didn't make it through to the final which was a bummer but not unexpected. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer bucket list

Summer is fast approaching and here are some of the things I wish to do this year: 

Summer cottage weekend with friends
read some good books
late night beach chilling
get a pretty decent tan
wash my windows!!
and my rugs
come up with a new drink
lots of outdoor BBQ parties
Plus I'll get to see Nadya, the coolest cousin ever!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stockholm trip!

Hey, I'm finally back! Well, I have been for a couple of days now but my time has been spent unpacking (funfact: I HATE unpacking, it took me 4 months to unpack everything from my trip to Thailand in December, but when I finally did, I discovered that I had some bahts left in my purse which meant more money to spend shopping on this trip, hurray!). The trip went really well and I had so much fun with my gals, but boy were we tired when we came back home. I think I slept about 12 hours in total last weekend! I have lots to tell you so this will probably be a pretty long post :)

We left on Thursday night with Viking Grace and I was already pretty pumped about the ride to Stockholm, mostly because the last time I was on a cruise ship was more than two years ago and I had heard that Grace was very nice, since it is the newest ship. Due to the fact that we got our tickets so last minute, the only cabin left was the inva-cabin, which was seriously twice the size of a regular cabin which we were more than thrilled about. Our plan was to just grab a bite and head out for a couple of drinks, but we actually ended up meeting some people we sorta knew on the boat so our couple of drinks turned into a couple of more drinks, and we didn't make it to our mega-sized cabin until 5.30 in the morning, with one hour left to sleep. That's what you get when your motto for the night is "whatever, I can sleep when I'm dead" as Emppu so elegantly put it. When we woke up they announced on the radio that the ship was behind in schedule due to a rescuing operation, so we got an extra hour to sleep which made us very happy. It wasn't until later when we had wi-fi that we found out that somebody had actually jumped from the ship, and they couldn't find him, which made us feel a bit guilty for being so happy about the delay :(

Our mega-party-cabin!

Once we arrived to Stockholm we just had to locate our hotel (which I was in charged of, and I must say I was a pretty great navigator, although I am not known for having great coordination skills!) where we left our bags since our check-in wasn't until 2 o'clock. Next we went hunting for a place to have breakfast and stumbled across a cute little cafe called Bolingo. There was a text on the wall explaining that bolingo means love in Lingala, a language spoken in Congo and Angola. The cafe was really cute, the staff was very friendly and the breakfast was good! We were really exhausted but with nothing else to do, we walked to Drottningsgatan which is the shopping street. After a couple of hours walking around, doing some shopping and lunch at an over-crowded Waynes Coffee we were finally able to check in at our hotel. 

The hotel we stayed at is called Wasa Park Hotel and we got it because it was the best deal we could get at such a short notice; it was 1,6 km from the city center, right next to a metro station and only 120 euros for a room for 3 people for 1 night. We knew from the reviews we read that it was small and quite quaint, and some of the rooms, including ours, would have no bathroom of their own. But we were pleasantly surprised when we got there, we actually got a room with a bath of its own and the room was very big, plus the wifi worked! Sure, the decor was kinda grandma-ish, but I thought it was very cute, plus the area around the hotel was beautiful, so I would gladly stay there again!

The entrance to the hotel had a beautiful view

After a couple hour nap, we got ready for dinner. After some googling and yelping (still haven't gotten the Yelp-app? It is a life-safer during trips!) we decided on Oljebaren which was close to our hotel and was known for its burgers. When we got there we noticed it was pretty small, but we still managed to get a table. And it was definitey the right choice! The place was super cozy, relaxed and the burgers were heavenly. 

We got back to the hotel and had a couple of drinks and called a taxi to get to the city center. Since none of us had gone out in Stockholm before we asked friends and the internet for their wise instructions and ended up choosing Soap Bar, mostly because it didn't have an entrance fee which at most places was between 10-20 euros. The place was actually for 24-year-olds and older, but we still got in. But it was definitely clear that you had to be dressed appropriately to get in. This place was also very small but that didn't stop people from dancing; everybody was basically dancing all around the bar, and by midnight the whole place was cramped! The drinks were pretty expensive but very strong, the music was probably the best part and we also chatted with some locals, so all in all we had a great night! At 2 we had had enough and decided to drag our sleep-deprived asses back to the hotel. 
I didn't take any pictures myself but here's one I found online:

As you can see, it got pretty crowded!

The day before heading home with the boat consisted of shopping, shopping, a stroll to the old town and some more shopping. The last store we found was River Island and oh man, I could've bought everything. I also made the poor choice of wearing heeled shoes so my feet were basically destroyed after three hours or so, but luckily we found a cute cafe in the old town so I got to rest them as well. The plan was to check out the nightclub o Amorella on the way home, but after dinner and tax free we got to the cabin and were so exhausted we just went to bed instead. In conclusion: lots of fun, good food, great company, shopping - a great weekend trip!

See why my blog is called "my name is not yasmine"? Somehow people always misspell my name/The famous cherry trees at Kungsträdgården were no longer in bloom and we were sad about that. 
The cafe in the old town had been around since 1700 - cool!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What have I done?!

Ok, the title wasn't supposed to be that dramatic, I'm actually just here to tell you about my week! Oh and sorry for the blog hiatus, I've just been busy enjoying my time off, that's right, I am officially on summer break! Well, I have one more essay to finish (and it's a b i g one) but other than that, I'll be free until June when I start working again. Feels pretty amazing, to be honest. I'm also taking a weekend trip to Stockholm in two days which I am really excited about! But now about the past week: 

We had a get-together with the classmates. Some of them are going abroad next year which will feel weird, not seeing them every week. But the good thing is that I can always visit (I'm talking about you Tillie, Iceland sounds pretty tempting!)

After our last exam we sat outside and enjoyed the sun! Stole the pic from Matilda's blog: 

On Saturday I had a GREAT hairday, I just had to share! I also said goodbye to Andre who went home for the week. In the evening I met up with the girls, I made them some tuna-pie and Pavlova cake. We played Alias and obviously shared some gossip ;)

On Sunday it was mother's day, and we celebrated by having lunch at Naantalin kylpylä. It felt really special being there with my mom and both of my grandmothers, three women who definitely deserve to be celebrated. I spent the rest of the day on my parents's couch, fighting off the food-induced coma.

Three generations, plus the necklace I am wearing is my great grandmothers, so she was with us in spirit!

Mother and son!

Yesterday I went to the gym, finished one of my essays and in the evening I met up with my mom and grandmother to watch some football. My dad's team won 2-0, hurray!

And today I've just been chilling, I made a delicious breakfast smoothie and watched Grease for the first time in a very long time, I also made some delicious lunch with broccoli and spinach, trust me, it was heavenly! Later I'm going to go see my mother's choir sing and after that I'm meeting up with some people from my class at a bar to see Finland play against Russia in the world championships of hockey. Hopefully they'll win!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

v a l b o r g.

Hey hey hey, how you doing? I'm hanging in there, feeling a bit sick and celebrating Vappu made it a bit difficult to take care of that, but I feel pretty good right now. Instead of telling you about my weekend I thought I'd just share some pictures, because all we basically did was sit, chill, drink, talk and have fun!

Here's a little videoclip from our Vappu made by Sara Lehtomaa, check out her blog at!