Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekend tripping.

Another week is (kinda?) coming to an end, tomorrow is Friday. This week has been really relaxing, it has almost felt as if summer vacation is here with the weather being so great and all. Right now it looks like I'll be having a break from work during the month of May, which is pretty nice considering I've worked for a year now while doing my studies at the University. I won't have any classes in May either, so I actually get a whole month off before I start working again in the summer. What am I going to do? I am not used to having spare time on my hands! I really feel like I should do something special, like go on a long weekend trip or something. Anybody wanna come with me?

Today I had a presentation at school which I was actually kinda nervous about, because I haven't held a presentation in school for ages. But once I started I didn't wanna stop. After my class I went to Kåren to the "specialföreningsmässa" to sell some Britannica overall patches and I also ended up buying SIX new patches. Today is also the first day I took out my bike for a spin. However, the basket that I had in the front I noticed was stolen. Bummer.

Gaaah, I want summer and dresses and tanned legs p l e a s e