Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Holiday

Feels so good to be on mini holiday, I don't have school until Thursday and work until Tuesday!

This week I was the song leader together with the birthday girl Julia at our "Last Supper Sitz" which was small but a success in my eyes, I definitely had a really good time. My favorite part was when 'Jesus' came in and handed out Easter eggs. The festivities continued at B and I danced all night long until I walked home with someone's angel halo on my head. Don't know where I got them from but they're mine now, muahaha!

On Friday I won't lie, I felt pretty tired all day, but luckily Andre came over here to keep me company and I made us some dinner and then we just watched Harry Potter in the evening. And on Saturday we went to Raisio to have some Easter dinner with my family and my grandparents and it was really goood. And today all day we've just been chilling, I watched my brother and Andre play videogames, and we had a really good lunch with salmon and pulled pork, my dad makes the best food! I also showed Andre my hometown and where I used to live and before we left we watched the show Hjärtevänner, my grandma was actually featured in the newest episode and seeing her made me miss her a lot, so I'm really looking forward to seeing her again in May when she comes home from her trip to South Africa!

This post was a bit blaah, but my mom really wanted me to update my blog so here you go mamma!
This boy makes me so happy!

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