Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday week!

The past week basically flew by, here's what I've been up to:

On Tuesday Andre turned 22 so when we woke up I gave him my present (which was a toaster because he doesn't have one, lol) and a card that I worked very hard on! Not gonna tell you how it looked, all I'll say is that it's the cheesiest thing I've ever made but he really liked it, so I'm glad! Later in the evening we also had dinner at Panini, the food was really good and the birthday boy was satisfied, and that's all that matters to me!

On Wednesday after school I went to see a dance show that my friends were performing at, and I'm proud to say that my friends can really shake their asses!

On Thursday it was time for another cultural experience, as I went to see Ronja Rövardotter at ÅST with my mother. Ronja Rövardotter was always my favorite Astrid Lindgren story growing up, so it was fun to see a part of my childhood come to life on stage! And on Friday I had an exam at 8 in the morning (which should be illegal, I think) and after that I went to work.

On Friday night Andre came to my place, so when we woke up on Saturday morning, he surprised me with a birthday-cake in bed! That's right, I am now officially 21! Yeeey I could go out clubbing in the states now XD We also had some breakfast and he gave me a beautiful necklace and a really sweet card which made me feel a bit better about going to work. While I was at work Emppu and Julle had organized a surprise for me: they went to my place and decorated the whole place with balloons, put snacks on the table and even made a mojito-punch! Well, it would've been a surprise but Julle accidentally sent me a snap revealing the secret. It didn't really matter, I was very flattered and when I came home they greeted me at the door with a shot and I didn't have to worry about fixing everything before the guests arrived. Thank you girls, you rock! After pre-partying at my place we headed towards Forte where we danced all night, I had so much fun and I'm glad so many could come and celebrate with me!

Sunday was pretty chill as usual, I went home in the evening and got to say happy birthday to Maya, who happens to have the same birthday as me! This week will also be pretty busy, I have an essay to finish, a Pub Quiz to organize, I want to try out a dancing class at Elixia and I'm taking my brother to the movies to celebrate his birthday. And then I have work. So I'll probably update you in a weeks time, have a great week!

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