Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chocolate covered Strawberries & Horror Movies

The past week has pretty much flown by like every other week. On Tuesday Britannica organized a Pub Quiz and I have to say I think we did a pretty good job. The best part though was just hanging out with the board and all of our friends afterwards, getting to know all of the new students this year has been so much fun and we'll definitely be seeing each other this summer as well!

I also went to see the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie with Andre and my little Brother Maximus on Friday. My brother turned 13 (!!!) last week so it was my gift to him, I can't believe he's already a teenager! Considering I didn't really like the first movie, I didn't really have high expectations and I can't say that I was that into it either. But Aaron Johnson as Quicksilver was y u m m y . Afterwards we went to Raisio to do some shopping at Mylly and had tacos at my parents house. Perfect Friday Night, pretty much. 

Otherwise I've worked and worked on my essay, last night me and Essi had a girls night in and watched Deliver us from Evil. It was creepy as hell, but I love watching horror movies so I enjoyed it as much as I was scared. Plus I had chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of wine, what can go wrong when there's a party in your mouth?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paper light.

Selfie game was not strong today

Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday week!

The past week basically flew by, here's what I've been up to:

On Tuesday Andre turned 22 so when we woke up I gave him my present (which was a toaster because he doesn't have one, lol) and a card that I worked very hard on! Not gonna tell you how it looked, all I'll say is that it's the cheesiest thing I've ever made but he really liked it, so I'm glad! Later in the evening we also had dinner at Panini, the food was really good and the birthday boy was satisfied, and that's all that matters to me!

On Wednesday after school I went to see a dance show that my friends were performing at, and I'm proud to say that my friends can really shake their asses!

On Thursday it was time for another cultural experience, as I went to see Ronja Rövardotter at ÅST with my mother. Ronja Rövardotter was always my favorite Astrid Lindgren story growing up, so it was fun to see a part of my childhood come to life on stage! And on Friday I had an exam at 8 in the morning (which should be illegal, I think) and after that I went to work.

On Friday night Andre came to my place, so when we woke up on Saturday morning, he surprised me with a birthday-cake in bed! That's right, I am now officially 21! Yeeey I could go out clubbing in the states now XD We also had some breakfast and he gave me a beautiful necklace and a really sweet card which made me feel a bit better about going to work. While I was at work Emppu and Julle had organized a surprise for me: they went to my place and decorated the whole place with balloons, put snacks on the table and even made a mojito-punch! Well, it would've been a surprise but Julle accidentally sent me a snap revealing the secret. It didn't really matter, I was very flattered and when I came home they greeted me at the door with a shot and I didn't have to worry about fixing everything before the guests arrived. Thank you girls, you rock! After pre-partying at my place we headed towards Forte where we danced all night, I had so much fun and I'm glad so many could come and celebrate with me!

Sunday was pretty chill as usual, I went home in the evening and got to say happy birthday to Maya, who happens to have the same birthday as me! This week will also be pretty busy, I have an essay to finish, a Pub Quiz to organize, I want to try out a dancing class at Elixia and I'm taking my brother to the movies to celebrate his birthday. And then I have work. So I'll probably update you in a weeks time, have a great week!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Warm weekend, cold Sunday

I'm back to give a report on my weekend, which has been filled with some fun extempore stuff!

On Friday after my work, I met up with my girls at Di Trevi for dinner. It was a pretty unplanned things, someone just came up with it in the morning but I had lots of fun and the food was sooo good. I had some fish with mashed potatoes and I was in food heaven. After dinner we continues to Julle's place for some dessert Bailey's and at 11.30 we made our way to Club Marily, not my usual place to go, but Emppu's boyfriend was taking part in a talent show so we went there to show some support.  He and his dancing partner did great with their break-dancing number, and got qualified for the finale which is in a couple of weeks! After the competition was over, me and Julle didn't feel like going home so we continued the festivities at B, where we danced our asses off. So my quiet evening with friends turned into a full on party, but I had a blast!
It almost looks as if we're abroad somewhere, because of the painting on the wall!

On Saturday I woke up to a beautiful day, and after a loong shower I went outside to get some coffee. I just sat at a cafe, outside and enjoyed the sunshine and the people. I also made some BLT:s  In the evening I met up with Julle and we went to see Insurgent. I have to say that it wasn't particularly good, not bad either. The best part was just cracking jokes with Jullsbulls throughout the movie. When I came home I also watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and with that I reconnected with my love for Aaron Johnson, he is just so dreamy. 

Caught Snapchatting.

Today I've been chilling for the most part, I also watched a documentary on Scientology which is something I just simply cannot wrap my head around, so strange. I also went to the first game for Inter this football season with Andre, the game was very intense and it was freezing outside, a complete shift from the warm, sunny weather we had on Saturday. But they tied with SJK even with one less player so that's good. And I was just happy to be there with my bf, even if it felt like my toes were falling off!

Next week is gonna be hectic with birthdays, dance shows, theater and work so you won't probably hear from me until next Sunday. Have a great week!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekend tripping.

Another week is (kinda?) coming to an end, tomorrow is Friday. This week has been really relaxing, it has almost felt as if summer vacation is here with the weather being so great and all. Right now it looks like I'll be having a break from work during the month of May, which is pretty nice considering I've worked for a year now while doing my studies at the University. I won't have any classes in May either, so I actually get a whole month off before I start working again in the summer. What am I going to do? I am not used to having spare time on my hands! I really feel like I should do something special, like go on a long weekend trip or something. Anybody wanna come with me?

Today I had a presentation at school which I was actually kinda nervous about, because I haven't held a presentation in school for ages. But once I started I didn't wanna stop. After my class I went to Kåren to the "specialföreningsmässa" to sell some Britannica overall patches and I also ended up buying SIX new patches. Today is also the first day I took out my bike for a spin. However, the basket that I had in the front I noticed was stolen. Bummer.

Gaaah, I want summer and dresses and tanned legs p l e a s e

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Holiday

Feels so good to be on mini holiday, I don't have school until Thursday and work until Tuesday!

This week I was the song leader together with the birthday girl Julia at our "Last Supper Sitz" which was small but a success in my eyes, I definitely had a really good time. My favorite part was when 'Jesus' came in and handed out Easter eggs. The festivities continued at B and I danced all night long until I walked home with someone's angel halo on my head. Don't know where I got them from but they're mine now, muahaha!

On Friday I won't lie, I felt pretty tired all day, but luckily Andre came over here to keep me company and I made us some dinner and then we just watched Harry Potter in the evening. And on Saturday we went to Raisio to have some Easter dinner with my family and my grandparents and it was really goood. And today all day we've just been chilling, I watched my brother and Andre play videogames, and we had a really good lunch with salmon and pulled pork, my dad makes the best food! I also showed Andre my hometown and where I used to live and before we left we watched the show Hjärtevänner, my grandma was actually featured in the newest episode and seeing her made me miss her a lot, so I'm really looking forward to seeing her again in May when she comes home from her trip to South Africa!

This post was a bit blaah, but my mom really wanted me to update my blog so here you go mamma!
This boy makes me so happy!