Monday, March 30, 2015

Vi tar en pinne för Pampas

I'm just gonna warn you right now that this is going to be a very long post. You might want to listen to the song below while reading, 'cause it's one of the tunes of this weekend. 

After getting off from work at 5, I just went home to gather my things and Ansku came to pick us up. I'm pretty sure my bag weighed more than when I went to Thailand for 3 weeks. The car ride went by pretty easily, and once we got to Vaasa, we just picked up Kata and went to Isas, so that we could plan our weekend together. Me, Emppu and Cristel stayed at Isa's while the others slept at Kata's, which was much more convenient than last year when all 8 girls stayed at kata's flat. 

On Friday we woke up, got ready and was at the market square at 11 to get good seats. "Olympiaden" was filled with dancing, singing, watching the teams play, seeing friends and all in all I had a really good time. 

After taking a small break freshening up we made our way to Kata's and from there to Emil's for some pre partying, after which we went to the main party at Rewell center, where Medina was performing. We saw them play for like 2 minutes but decided it was too crowded and went to Amarillo instead where we stayed for a couple of hours. We went to Rewell pretty late and after a whole day of partying that was more than enough, so we had some spring rolls and went home. 

At Emil's is also where my favorite video of all time was filmed, I could watch this all day and all night!

On Saturday morning I felt pretty good, considering that I had been basically partying since 11 o'clock. We made our way to Kata's to have some brunch and man it was delicious, we were all so hungry we even forgot to take a picture of the brunch! But all you need to know is that there was chiabatta, bacon, eggs,  muffins and mimosas! I much preferred making our own brunch than going to the Sillis, the food was definitely better and it wasn't as crowded, the queue to the Sillis was something like 100 meters long, probably even longer!
Brunch in the making (ps. yes, you can see my underwear through my leggings but I didn't feel like wearing my overalls while cooking OKAY!)

At approximately 2 o'clock we made our way to Olli's which was once again my favorite part of the whole trip - the atmosphere and the music is just so great and everybody was having an awesome time. 

When we got home from Olli's I was pretty tired but after a few hours we were back in town, this time at Kata's. The plan was to go to Fontana to meet Isa's friends and boyfriend, and to just stay and hour or so, but we had a lot of fun so we actually ended up staying a bit longer. I was home at two and was so ready to go to bed.

On Sunday the girls went back to Åbo but I did not go with them because I went with Andre to his hometown Malax to meet his family. I also got to meet his grandparents as they were celebrating his birthday in advance. After a weekend of eating crappy food having a home cooked meal felt heavenly, and hsi family was so nice so I was glad to finally meet them. We pretty much just laid in bed all Sunday evening and Monday morning which also felt very good after not having too many hours of slepp this weekend. All I can say is that Pampas Nationaldag was once again a success and you'll be seeing me there again next year!
Tired but happy!

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