Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Throwback: March

I basically have a day off which means I don't have school or work but I still gots lots to do. I woke up semi-early (or early for a day off) and went to my morning aerobics class. How is it that it seems to be getting harder and harder each time? I thought the whole point was for it to get easier along the way. But it was definitely a good workout. 

After getting home and making some food I've just been updating my Itunes-library and reading some blogs. But now I will dedicate the rest of the evening to homework. This week has pretty uneventful so far so I'll leave you with some pictures from the month of march in the past.

Pampas Nationaldag
Chilling with freinds

I had just written my final exams and celebrated that
I also had blond hair. Aaaw man I kinda miss it but I don't miss taking care of it, the blond ombre made my hair soo dry. 

I literally only found crappy webcam-pictures or selfies from this year, haha.
We did go bowling, apparently. And Emppu turned 18 but almost all of us were underage so it was just her and Cristel who went to the bar.

My baby!
I spent a lot of time at julle's house, and when we weren't there we were at my place.
Houseparty... oh man we look so young!

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Ansku said...

OMG! Sista bildenXDXD
P.S. Jag var pa jobb idag :(:(