Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shoo Achooo

Spring is finally here! Yes, I will say it (even though usually in April we have some sort of backlash and it starts snowing again... but it won't happen this year,,, hopefully). My week has been pretty boring, last week mostly consisted of writing essays and studying for exams, and thats pretty much what I'm doing this week as well. But after Friday I have (almost) no work left and it's also the beginning of a really chill period in school and I couldn't be more excited. Now I'm just focusing on getting all of my shit together and also getting better - my flu is back! Yesterday my throat was so sore even my ears and teeth were aching, and today I can't go a minute without blowing my nose or sneezing. At least my roommate isn't home right now and I don't have any lectures so I won't contaminate anyone. 

Last week we also celebrated Ellen's 21st birthday with a hat-party and I had a lot of fun. I got her these fridge-magnets and now I really just want to go back to the store to get myself some 'cause they were so cool. In the weekend Andre came over to my parents house to help me babysit my brother and the dog. So it was a really relaxing weekend all in all, plus the sun has been shining for days which makes me feel a lot better, in spite of the flu!

Pictures from last week, in random order

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