Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pajama lama

Lemme tell you about my end of the week. The primary school disco sitz was a lot of fun, my favorite part was when Andre won the limbo contest and blew everybody's mind, including mine! Otherwise we just sang and ate and drank and listened to music, I at least had a great time. yeesh my internet connection is so weak right now and it's taking me forever to upload the pictures... Anyways, I think my outfit was pretty much on point, with the green-dotted crop-top, a choker-necklace and pink converse, right?

On Friday me and Andre laid on the couch all day watching Skins, except for when we walked to Citymarket to get some food. When I finally started to make my way home, which was like at 9 p.m I was too lazy to change so I just walked home in my pajamas, nothing wrong with that!

On Saturday I worked all day and after my shift was over my mom came to pick me up. She made us some delicious ham pie (even if she didn't like it that much herself but I thought it was reeaallly good!), we had some ciders and watched Water for Elephants. There's just something about the way Robert Pattinson moves his mouth when he acts that makes me uncomfortable, am I the only one who thinks this? And I stayed the night so on Sunday morning I got to see my whole family, as my dad came home with the boat from Sweden. So yeah, it's been a pretty good weekend, I even managed to clean my apartment, wash my clothes, make some dinner and sow some overall-patches. Next week is gonna be really busy and on Thursday I'm going to Vasa for the weekend, but I'll try to drop in at some point. Have a wonderful week everybody!

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