Wednesday, March 25, 2015

April wish-list!

Sleepless in Turku over here! I haven't even had a late afternoon coffee, yet I am wide-awake. So my mom has been asking me what I want for my birthday (which is less than one month away, woop!) so I thought I'd do a little wish-list on the blog. Some of these I am of course not expecting to get but I'll just throw them there anyways, 'cause a girl can dream, right? And also it's not just things I want from other people, it's also things I want to get myself. Anyways, here's my April wish-list!

Haha ok this first one is really abstract, more time. More time to do everything, I fell like even if I don't have as many courses as I did in my last two periods, I'm not getting anything done. Well, it's not that I'm not getting anything done, it's just that I have so much scheduled each week i feel like the weeks just fly by without me even noticing it. Can't wait for school to be over and for summer to begin, I need to chill out for a while. 

Ok, now to the real stuff. The first thing I would really really really want is a new camera. One that is almost like a system camera but smaller, so that it wouldn't be too heavy to bring with you. Or a polaroid camera, that would be soo cool. Obviously I know that cameras are really expensive (so that was what the whole "I am not expecting these gifts"-thing was about). 

A new handbag. Not too big and not too small with a shoulder strap, black. Underwear and socks because duh, can't live without them. A blender because ours broke. New shoes, flats or ballerinas for the spring and summer. FRIDGE-WORD-MAGNET things because I gave them as a gift for a friend and really just wanted them for myself. More regular fridge magnets because I have lots of stuff to put on my fridge and not enough of magnets, the struggle is real. Scented candles. Clothes, all of them. A living plant. But most importantly... a  w a s h i n g  m a c h i n e. Which is impossible to fit in my tiny kitchen. sigh. 

April wish-list

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