Sunday, March 15, 2015

All I want is not U2.

I usually think I'm pretty handy with technology but right now I am loosing my mind over Itunes. Remember back when Apple decided that everybody should have more U2 in their lives and forced an entire album in our libraries? It's been bothering me for so long because now I have a U2 album on my phone and I don't want that U2 album on my phone. I've tried everything to get it our of there but no, it's still there! Now I somehow managed to delete all of my other songs on my phone so I'm stuck with ONLY U2 songs... ugh, the frustration is real you guys. 

Update: I think I fixed it! YAAAAS, But the U2 songs are still there..........

This weekend has been pretty low key, on Friday I worked until 9 and after a quick pit-stop at home I dragged my ass to Andre's. I was soo sick, I literally had almost no voice left but he took care of me so on Saturday I already felt a lot better, I was still feeling pretty terrible but not like "gaaaw I dying"-terrible. After having breakfast and watching Zoolander (I had never actually seen it, so many pop cultural references are now explained), we went to the city center for some lunch and also some shopping. I got a pan for making casseroles and pies and whatnot in and some running-pants from the kids section at HM (Mostly because they're a ot cheaper there and because I'm a big kid, haha).

Then in honour of Pi-day I made a taco-pie and Emppu came over to watch Melodifestivalen. It got pretty hot because we're both sick and were coughing and feeling sweaty all night long, fun! The right song won and I got a good night sleep. Today I worked and all I really wanted was to go outside and enjoy the sun. Anyways, this was a pretty random and long post, I'll just end this by saying that I am so excited because 1) I have NO morning classes anymore!!! 2) It's finally warm & sunny!!!!! 3) Britannica's primary school disco-sitz is happening this Thursday!!!!!!

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