Monday, March 30, 2015

Vi tar en pinne för Pampas

I'm just gonna warn you right now that this is going to be a very long post. You might want to listen to the song below while reading, 'cause it's one of the tunes of this weekend. 

After getting off from work at 5, I just went home to gather my things and Ansku came to pick us up. I'm pretty sure my bag weighed more than when I went to Thailand for 3 weeks. The car ride went by pretty easily, and once we got to Vaasa, we just picked up Kata and went to Isas, so that we could plan our weekend together. Me, Emppu and Cristel stayed at Isa's while the others slept at Kata's, which was much more convenient than last year when all 8 girls stayed at kata's flat. 

On Friday we woke up, got ready and was at the market square at 11 to get good seats. "Olympiaden" was filled with dancing, singing, watching the teams play, seeing friends and all in all I had a really good time. 

After taking a small break freshening up we made our way to Kata's and from there to Emil's for some pre partying, after which we went to the main party at Rewell center, where Medina was performing. We saw them play for like 2 minutes but decided it was too crowded and went to Amarillo instead where we stayed for a couple of hours. We went to Rewell pretty late and after a whole day of partying that was more than enough, so we had some spring rolls and went home. 

At Emil's is also where my favorite video of all time was filmed, I could watch this all day and all night!

On Saturday morning I felt pretty good, considering that I had been basically partying since 11 o'clock. We made our way to Kata's to have some brunch and man it was delicious, we were all so hungry we even forgot to take a picture of the brunch! But all you need to know is that there was chiabatta, bacon, eggs,  muffins and mimosas! I much preferred making our own brunch than going to the Sillis, the food was definitely better and it wasn't as crowded, the queue to the Sillis was something like 100 meters long, probably even longer!
Brunch in the making (ps. yes, you can see my underwear through my leggings but I didn't feel like wearing my overalls while cooking OKAY!)

At approximately 2 o'clock we made our way to Olli's which was once again my favorite part of the whole trip - the atmosphere and the music is just so great and everybody was having an awesome time. 

When we got home from Olli's I was pretty tired but after a few hours we were back in town, this time at Kata's. The plan was to go to Fontana to meet Isa's friends and boyfriend, and to just stay and hour or so, but we had a lot of fun so we actually ended up staying a bit longer. I was home at two and was so ready to go to bed.

On Sunday the girls went back to Åbo but I did not go with them because I went with Andre to his hometown Malax to meet his family. I also got to meet his grandparents as they were celebrating his birthday in advance. After a weekend of eating crappy food having a home cooked meal felt heavenly, and hsi family was so nice so I was glad to finally meet them. We pretty much just laid in bed all Sunday evening and Monday morning which also felt very good after not having too many hours of slepp this weekend. All I can say is that Pampas Nationaldag was once again a success and you'll be seeing me there again next year!
Tired but happy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vasa, here we come!

It's been another busy day with morning aerobics class (it's nice to see that I'm making some progress, but man my bum was burning today! Felt good though!), school, fixing some t-shirts for the board of britannica and then I went to Hansa to check out the 'Crazy Days' sale, just to get some boring beauty products like hairspray, dry shampoo and moisturizing cream.
Trust me, this is a before workout picture, 'cause afterwards I was red as a tomato and sweaty as a pig.

 When I came home I started packing because tomorrow after work me and my friends are driving up to Vasa for Pampasnationaldag and I am so pumped! I finally get to hang out with all my girls and lots of other people and I think it will be a lot of fun. I also get to stay an extra day and meet Andre's family which is exciting, so I won't be back until Monday night. I feel like I might've over-packed a bit 'cause my bag is crazy heavy, but I need a lot of options! Essi and I also had a roomie-dinner-night and made some delicious filled pita-bread and now I am absolutely stuffed. So all in all it's been a nice day, now I'm just waiting for tomorrow's work shift to be over so that I can begin the celebrations!
Trowback to Pampas 2014. This picture was created with a new app from Instagram called 'layout' and I am obsessed with it. Also the pose I am making is the legendary "Isa-anime-pose" which I'm sure will be featured in many pictures this year as well!

April wish-list!

Sleepless in Turku over here! I haven't even had a late afternoon coffee, yet I am wide-awake. So my mom has been asking me what I want for my birthday (which is less than one month away, woop!) so I thought I'd do a little wish-list on the blog. Some of these I am of course not expecting to get but I'll just throw them there anyways, 'cause a girl can dream, right? And also it's not just things I want from other people, it's also things I want to get myself. Anyways, here's my April wish-list!

Haha ok this first one is really abstract, more time. More time to do everything, I fell like even if I don't have as many courses as I did in my last two periods, I'm not getting anything done. Well, it's not that I'm not getting anything done, it's just that I have so much scheduled each week i feel like the weeks just fly by without me even noticing it. Can't wait for school to be over and for summer to begin, I need to chill out for a while. 

Ok, now to the real stuff. The first thing I would really really really want is a new camera. One that is almost like a system camera but smaller, so that it wouldn't be too heavy to bring with you. Or a polaroid camera, that would be soo cool. Obviously I know that cameras are really expensive (so that was what the whole "I am not expecting these gifts"-thing was about). 

A new handbag. Not too big and not too small with a shoulder strap, black. Underwear and socks because duh, can't live without them. A blender because ours broke. New shoes, flats or ballerinas for the spring and summer. FRIDGE-WORD-MAGNET things because I gave them as a gift for a friend and really just wanted them for myself. More regular fridge magnets because I have lots of stuff to put on my fridge and not enough of magnets, the struggle is real. Scented candles. Clothes, all of them. A living plant. But most importantly... a  w a s h i n g  m a c h i n e. Which is impossible to fit in my tiny kitchen. sigh. 

April wish-list

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pajama lama

Lemme tell you about my end of the week. The primary school disco sitz was a lot of fun, my favorite part was when Andre won the limbo contest and blew everybody's mind, including mine! Otherwise we just sang and ate and drank and listened to music, I at least had a great time. yeesh my internet connection is so weak right now and it's taking me forever to upload the pictures... Anyways, I think my outfit was pretty much on point, with the green-dotted crop-top, a choker-necklace and pink converse, right?

On Friday me and Andre laid on the couch all day watching Skins, except for when we walked to Citymarket to get some food. When I finally started to make my way home, which was like at 9 p.m I was too lazy to change so I just walked home in my pajamas, nothing wrong with that!

On Saturday I worked all day and after my shift was over my mom came to pick me up. She made us some delicious ham pie (even if she didn't like it that much herself but I thought it was reeaallly good!), we had some ciders and watched Water for Elephants. There's just something about the way Robert Pattinson moves his mouth when he acts that makes me uncomfortable, am I the only one who thinks this? And I stayed the night so on Sunday morning I got to see my whole family, as my dad came home with the boat from Sweden. So yeah, it's been a pretty good weekend, I even managed to clean my apartment, wash my clothes, make some dinner and sow some overall-patches. Next week is gonna be really busy and on Thursday I'm going to Vasa for the weekend, but I'll try to drop in at some point. Have a wonderful week everybody!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Primary School Disco!

Hey guys! This week and the week after that are gonna be really hectic, I've got lots to do, mainly just a lot of shifts at work and some homework but also some fun stuff like our Primary School Disco sitz tomorrow (!!) and Pampasnationaldag next week (!!!). On Monday after running some errands I met up with Kata and Emppu at Fontana for a coffee, it was really nice to get the girls together and catch up, although we came to the conclusion that nothing that exciting had happened since the last time we saw each other. Yesterday I worked and today I went to my morning aerobics class after two weeks of being sick. It was a bit exhausting but it definitely felt good to move and do something after just laying in bed and blowing my nose constantly. 

Today I've been finishing my history project and I'm glad to say that it's finally finished, which means that I get to chill in my pajamas for the rest of the night. That's the dream, right? Tomorrow I'm sitzin' as I already mentioned and man I am soooo pumped. I mean primary school discos were the best! Slow-dancing to "My heart will go on" or "Everytime" by Britney Spears, Limbo-competitions, eating waay to much candy, doing your own makeup for the worst time and you think it looks cute but really you just look like a baby-prostitute (I mean who said that pale blue eye-shadow and glittery pink lipstick looks good on a n y o n e ?). I cannot fortunately find any pictures of me attending a primary school disco but I definitely have a picture from 7th grade which is almost the same thing. Cmoon, I'm wearing a Hello Kitty shirt and hoops? Such ratchetry. I also really like the way Emppu went all in on the rogue, really makes her cheeks pop. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

All I want is not U2.

I usually think I'm pretty handy with technology but right now I am loosing my mind over Itunes. Remember back when Apple decided that everybody should have more U2 in their lives and forced an entire album in our libraries? It's been bothering me for so long because now I have a U2 album on my phone and I don't want that U2 album on my phone. I've tried everything to get it our of there but no, it's still there! Now I somehow managed to delete all of my other songs on my phone so I'm stuck with ONLY U2 songs... ugh, the frustration is real you guys. 

Update: I think I fixed it! YAAAAS, But the U2 songs are still there..........

This weekend has been pretty low key, on Friday I worked until 9 and after a quick pit-stop at home I dragged my ass to Andre's. I was soo sick, I literally had almost no voice left but he took care of me so on Saturday I already felt a lot better, I was still feeling pretty terrible but not like "gaaaw I dying"-terrible. After having breakfast and watching Zoolander (I had never actually seen it, so many pop cultural references are now explained), we went to the city center for some lunch and also some shopping. I got a pan for making casseroles and pies and whatnot in and some running-pants from the kids section at HM (Mostly because they're a ot cheaper there and because I'm a big kid, haha).

Then in honour of Pi-day I made a taco-pie and Emppu came over to watch Melodifestivalen. It got pretty hot because we're both sick and were coughing and feeling sweaty all night long, fun! The right song won and I got a good night sleep. Today I worked and all I really wanted was to go outside and enjoy the sun. Anyways, this was a pretty random and long post, I'll just end this by saying that I am so excited because 1) I have NO morning classes anymore!!! 2) It's finally warm & sunny!!!!! 3) Britannica's primary school disco-sitz is happening this Thursday!!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


It's been an absolutely beautiful day outside and I also had my last History lecture of this year which means no more early mornings in school. Still, I'm feeling a bit crappy, mostly because of my cold. But I went to the pharmacy today and got all sorts of stuff that will hopefully work wonders on me. So I'm sitting here with a nose-spray, a throat-spray, some findruxin and tissues finishing my essay.

The one thing that made me feel a lot better was having lunch with Andre and after that we went to this cafe called Tiirikkala. I've heard so much good about it and I've seen pictures of it, and I always thought it just looks so cosy so today I finally got to go there myself. And it was really cute with a wonderful view of the church, so I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!
Hahah, I look like a sad puppy dog, but sometimes you're allowed to feel sorry for yourself!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shoo Achooo

Spring is finally here! Yes, I will say it (even though usually in April we have some sort of backlash and it starts snowing again... but it won't happen this year,,, hopefully). My week has been pretty boring, last week mostly consisted of writing essays and studying for exams, and thats pretty much what I'm doing this week as well. But after Friday I have (almost) no work left and it's also the beginning of a really chill period in school and I couldn't be more excited. Now I'm just focusing on getting all of my shit together and also getting better - my flu is back! Yesterday my throat was so sore even my ears and teeth were aching, and today I can't go a minute without blowing my nose or sneezing. At least my roommate isn't home right now and I don't have any lectures so I won't contaminate anyone. 

Last week we also celebrated Ellen's 21st birthday with a hat-party and I had a lot of fun. I got her these fridge-magnets and now I really just want to go back to the store to get myself some 'cause they were so cool. In the weekend Andre came over to my parents house to help me babysit my brother and the dog. So it was a really relaxing weekend all in all, plus the sun has been shining for days which makes me feel a lot better, in spite of the flu!

Pictures from last week, in random order

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Throwback: March

I basically have a day off which means I don't have school or work but I still gots lots to do. I woke up semi-early (or early for a day off) and went to my morning aerobics class. How is it that it seems to be getting harder and harder each time? I thought the whole point was for it to get easier along the way. But it was definitely a good workout. 

After getting home and making some food I've just been updating my Itunes-library and reading some blogs. But now I will dedicate the rest of the evening to homework. This week has pretty uneventful so far so I'll leave you with some pictures from the month of march in the past.

Pampas Nationaldag
Chilling with freinds

I had just written my final exams and celebrated that
I also had blond hair. Aaaw man I kinda miss it but I don't miss taking care of it, the blond ombre made my hair soo dry. 

I literally only found crappy webcam-pictures or selfies from this year, haha.
We did go bowling, apparently. And Emppu turned 18 but almost all of us were underage so it was just her and Cristel who went to the bar.

My baby!
I spent a lot of time at julle's house, and when we weren't there we were at my place.
Houseparty... oh man we look so young!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fresh AF

I can't believe it's already March. Maybe I should do another throwback to march's from the past like I did with February? Perhaps in another post.

Today I have a day off which means sleeping in, having morning coffee while watching YouTube videos and I also ran some errands in town. I bought new sunglasses because literally every other pair I own I either lose or break somehow. Probably because I keep buying ones that are under 10 euros... but this time it wasn't me, it was all Andre's fault! Anyways, luckily I had kept the receipt so I went to change them in for a now pair and on the way I also got a pair of new jeans, a top, a facial scrub thing from The Body Shop and a blistex lip conditioner, f i n a l l y. Mine ran out several months ago and I was definitely having withdrawal.  

Other exciting things that have happened this week: Robin's housewarming partey. My plan was to just have a couple of drinks and leave pretty early since I had work the next day but sometimes things don't work out the way you plan them too. I had a great time though, a really good time!
Hahaha look how happy Robin looks in the background tho!

Yesterday after a pretty hellish shift at work (10 hours...) Isa, Emppu and Cristel came over to my place to watch Melodifestivalen and the UMK finale. It was great seeing the girls 'cause it's so rarely nowadays when I get to see some of them. And about the UMK winner... I mean I personally don't think any of the songs were winner material and I didn't think Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät would win. The message Finland is sending out is great but honestly, that songs is really not good.

Ps. My flowers are looking Fresh as F*ck. So pretty!