Monday, February 23, 2015

We could do this all night.

I've had a wonderful weekend. On Friday I slept late (man I was tired, I really needed that sleep) and in the evening Andre came to my place to just chill. We also made some taco's in the oven and it was delicious! At 8 I met up with my old co-workers from Moominworld and it was really nice to see them again after a long time. It's pretty amazing that we haven't worked together in three years but we still keep in touch.

Yesterday I worked until 7, took a quick shower and walked over to Andre's where had prepared a delicious meal for us. It was a perfect Saturday night with some wine, food and Melodifestivalen. And today I've managed to pay a visit to IKEA (just got some small stuff), also had dinner at my parents house and now me, Emppu and Essi are waiting for The Oscar's to start. Yup, we're keeping the tradition alive and we're actually pulling an all-nighter (The actual Gala starts at 3.30 in the night and ends at like 7...crayyy). I have school at 10 so I get like a good two hours of sleep? But hey, I have great company and I can't miss NPH hosting!

Ps. Our microwave broke, which totally sucks. But we're getting a new one for free this week, yay!

Love-fest at home as usual.

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