Sunday, February 1, 2015


I'm not trying to avoid blogging but the truth is that I am a very busy gal so I don't really have time, and most of the time nothing that exciting really happens during the week. But here I am again!

During this past week I've had a board meeting on Monday, worked on Tuesday, had a chill meeting in our Student's Lounge with other English students wWednesday (and everybody went craycray when I brought donuts, lol), also met up with my girls on Wednesday evening to catch up which was fun. On Thursday I had something called a "styssebytarsitz" where the old and the new board sitz together. We sang snapssongs and ate pizza and had a great time. I slept the night at Andre's so all Friday we just chilled, made lunch and watched the Grand Budapest Hotel (and I fell asleep and missed most of the movie, haha woops). Last night I worked and after work Emppu came to my place to chill. I was feeling a bit sick but either way she convinced me to go out for a drink or too. So in conclusion it pretty much feels like I haven't been home all week, I'm definitely staying in this Sunday, just gonna sit by the computer, read some blogs, drink a lot of tea to avoid getting sick and watch some tv.  
here we sowed on overall patches on
Pictures from the styssebytar sitz

Oh and I also got these beautiful tulips from Essis mom which was a nice surprise, also because tulips are my favorite flowers!

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