Friday, February 6, 2015

Stop the tape and rewind.

I feel super pumped for this weekend, mostly because I can honestly relax and chill without having to worry about schoolwork or anything else. I've been sick all week so a few days off from everything is exactly what I need right now. 

Yesterday Andre came to my place, I made him dinner and we watched tv which was perfect. The city was crawling with students in overalls, there was this big event called "Pikkulaskiainen" last night but I felt perfectly happy staying at home with Andre. He went to work early in the morning, the alarm went off at 6.15 but as soon as he had left I went back to bed and slept like a baby. Today I'm just chilling and in the evening I'm riding home with my mom to go and visit my family. Tomorrow I'm working and in the evening I'm meeting up with my friends to watch Melodifestivalen. Yay for eurovision!

Ps. I got a 5 in my History exam (which is the highest grade you can get) so go me! I mean after all the time I put in reading for the exam I am extremely happy!

And because I haven't taken ANY pictures in the last week, here's a few throwbacks from Februaries from the past years.
Ansku's 20th Birthday party in 2014. The theme was "Mexico" and for some reason that moustache actually looked like it belonged on my face. This birthday Ansku is in Australia, living the dream. If you wanna follow her journey, be sure to check her blog !

The picture below: Penkkis in 2013!

February 2013: My co-workers from Moominworld and I had a fun evening out. We all had to work the next day and as you can imagine, we did not feel to well.
As I am looking at pictures I am starting to realize that Februaries have always been very eventful in the past!

All of the pictures below are from 2012: Himos with the girls, Gammeldans cruize, Gammeldans, Party with my teammates...
Fun times, I'm feeling really nostalgic now! Which is also why I'm currently listening to One Direction. In 2012 I got really into them and ok, I'll admit, I was obsessed. When Emppu turned 18 in March, me and Kata were listening to More Than This over and over again. Unfortunately we have video proof of it as well...

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