Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Love it list.

I feel like an accomplished human being today because; a) I finally got around to buy some vacuum bags (is that what they're called in English?) which means I could finally vacuum the kitchen and my room. b) We got our "new" microwave! c) I did loads of homework today and d) now I get to blog a little bit.

Instead of telling you about my day (well actually I have to say this one thing, I went to Clas Ohlson today to get the vacuum bags and they literally have e v e r y t h i n g. I just wanted to buy so much stuff. I mean they had a slushie-machine! I know I don't need one but how cool would that be??) I would tell you about some things that are on my "love it-list" at the moment. Here we go!

ONE: Tulips. Since Easter and sprin is sorta coming the shops everywhere are selling tulips in beautiful colors and since tulips are my favorite flowers I couldn't be more thrilled. Just today I picked some up in shades of light pink and lilac from the store. They make me so happy. The picture below is pretty crappy 'cause it's so dark outside but you get the point.

TWO: Clipper's Peppermint Tea. I have to admit that the peppermint teabags we have at our apartment at this moment are actually my roommates but sharing is caring. We're down to our last few bags so I'll have to buy some more soon. I'm obsessed with the minty tea and the pretty package it comes in is just a bonus!

THREE: Daily vlogs/Youtuber videos. This isn't something I've just started watching now, I started watching youtube videos when I was in 7th grade I think but recently I've started watching a lot of daily vlogs. It's weird, why am I so fascinated about other people's lives? I definitely have some stalker tendencies... So below is one of my favorites Colleen Ballinger aka. PsychoSoprano aka. Miranda Sings!

FOUR: Avocados, Mozarella cheese, Sun-dried tomatoes and canned tuna. I eat them together or separately, I don't really care 'cause right now I could literally eat these four things for every meal each and every day. I'm pretty sure that would get quite boring pretty fast but yeah, right now I would totally do it. And they're also four things that I always have in my fridge/cupboard. YUM!

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