Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Favorites

See!? I am capable of posting more than once a week! It pretty much has to do with the fact that I am almost completely plan free this week, which feels super nice since the whole year so far has been super hectic (why do I feel like I always say that? I am definitely a busy gal). I mean the month of January basically flew by!

This post I thought I'd tell you a bit about the things I am getting pumped up about at the moment and the events I have to look forward to this month.
First of all, the sun was shining today, and even if it was like for five minutes, it's a definite sign that spring is on its way (and after a lot of thinking about it, I have decided that spring in fact is my favorite season)
I also have to admit that I am a liiiitle bit excited for Valentine's Day (not just because I'll be spending it with my bae BUT in Finland it's actually called "Friend Day" which means that you celebrate friendships! So hah! I am also super pumped for our F*ck V-Day sitz that Britannica is organizing.
February also means awards season and even though I am not that excited about the best movie nominees (I've only seen Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel (ok so I saw like 2/5 of the latter) but I am planning on watching The Theory of Everything tonight), I am totally looking forward to seeing NPH host. Also Melodifestivalen!!! Yaaas!

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EmiliaKaroliina said...

Jee theory of everything! Ja har nu sett 5/8 filmer o den e såå min favorit hihii
- Tissinainen