Thursday, February 19, 2015

A lot going on.

It's been another one of those hectic weeks when I'm barely home at all and I just run around from place to place. But I'm having so much fun in the process though (but I am also pretty tired. Work hard play hard?). 

On Tuesday I had a pretty long day, straight after school I went to worked, I got off at a quarter to nine, went straight home, ate, took a shower, got readfy and made my way to Emil's. ÅA had this thing called Fastlaskiainen but since I was working I decided I would still join the others at the after party. We ended up at B and I at least had a really fun night. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves..
AND the video, hopefully it'll work here but it's me and Ellen doing our favorite thing in the world: singing High School Musical! I also love how bored Andre looks.

What a romantic setting, right?

Yesterday I went to school at 12 to talk about a history project. My classes lasted until four but I stayed in school 'cause Britannica had their annual meeting and we had a board meeting after that. So at 6.30 I was finally able to leave, I just went home, ate, freshened up and made my way to Matilda's where we had a hang-out with the classmates. We played some board games, my favorite was Cards Against Humanity which I have been dying to play. It was so offensive and rude and I totally loved it. Definitely have to look into where I can buy that game 'cause I've wanted it for a looong time. I had a great time yesterday as well but you can imagine how tired I was. When I got home I finished my history project and finally went to bed and it felt amazing. So today I've been to school and after a quick visit at Julle's I came home, made some dinner, cleaned my room, did some school work and now I can enjoy doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the evening!

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