Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

I've been super busy all week (mostly reading for my exams) but now I've had both of my exams, it's finally over, no more reading, and I couldn't be happier! I've also had a great weekend, on Friday me and Andre went to see Birdman and it was very interesting and entertaining with great performances so I do get the Oscar nominations. After that we had some coffee and all in all it was just a great evening. 
This is a quote shown in the beginning of the movie, if you're wondering why I posted the picture.

On Saturday I worked and after getting home I took a shower and made my way to Andre's where we met up with some of our classmates for a chill night. We ended up playing charades on this new app I downloaded and it was so much fun, I think we played for like 5 hours straight at least! The four was like 4.30 in the morning when people started making their way home. Definitely a great night!

Today when we woke up me and Andre watched Tangled because he hadn't seen it and in my opinion it's waaay better than Frozen (Sorry all you 'Let it go'-fanatics), then I got home, met up with julle and my mom picked us up and drove us to Raisio. Had some delicious food, talked with my mama and after this hecic week I was just so exhausted I crashed on the sofa. Now I'm home, I'm planning on doing some stuff for our board meeting tomorrow and watching Saturday Night Live, and then get a long night's sleep!
Reunited, at last!

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