Sunday, January 4, 2015

Obvious Child

IT'S SO FRIGGIN COLD IN MY APARTMENT. Yesterday I wore 3 pairs of socks on and I was still freezing, and the funny part is that it's not even that could outside, when it was -15 degrees my apartment was much warmer. So my heater basically lives a life if its own. 
Yesterday after involuntarily starting working on all of my school stuff (Yay, I actually finished an essay) some of my friends came over to my place to chill. We were supposed to watch a movie but instead we talked about how I can't "flip the finger" normally, childhood memories and tried to get Cristel's boyfriend into believing she had gotten dreadlocks (He actually believed it for like 2 minutes). Fun night.
Today I continues with the school stuff (without much success, good thing I have almost the whole week off to get shit done) and watched the movie Obvious Child which I've been meaning to see for a couple of weeks now and I loved it. I think any girl in her twenty's can relate. And In about an hour I have a dinner-date with Andre soo I'm looking forward to that!
Blaah this post was pretty boring, I was supposed to show you this Buddha head I bought the other day but I'm too lazy to take a good picture of it. So now you have something to look forward too (or not, I'm probably the one person who is like completely excited about the Buddha head)

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