Sunday, January 11, 2015


So turns out my school didn't start on Thursday, which means that I got up to go to school at nine and it was all for nothing! Well, I guess it was good 'cause I got some reading done for my grammar exam which is tomorrow and I'm probably more prepared now than I would've been if I hadn't gone to school. 
But yeah TOMORROW it really starts, and I actually feel a bit better about going than I did on Wednesday. I also have my first board meeting with Britannica which is really exciting. And I get to see everyone which is obviously the best part. What else have I been doing besides preparing for a new period in school? Well on Friday I saw Andre who came home from Sweden so we made dinner and basically just chilled and chatted for the rest of the night. 
This is what it said on the inside of a box of chocolates I got from Andre: "Chocolate contains the same aphrodisiac that is released from the body when you fall in love. Long live love." It was pretty sweet, literally.

On Saturday I worked all day and came home and basically just made dinner and watched tv, not too exciting. And today has been more of the same, just reading for the exam tomorrow, cleaning the apartment, making dinner and now watching tv. I also changed by background of my computer. I found this website where you can download really cute monthly calendars so I thought I'd customize them a bit with some pictures and quotes and then change my background each month. It's easy, costs nothing and a fun way to stay organized!  

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