Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

I've been super busy all week (mostly reading for my exams) but now I've had both of my exams, it's finally over, no more reading, and I couldn't be happier! I've also had a great weekend, on Friday me and Andre went to see Birdman and it was very interesting and entertaining with great performances so I do get the Oscar nominations. After that we had some coffee and all in all it was just a great evening. 
This is a quote shown in the beginning of the movie, if you're wondering why I posted the picture.

On Saturday I worked and after getting home I took a shower and made my way to Andre's where we met up with some of our classmates for a chill night. We ended up playing charades on this new app I downloaded and it was so much fun, I think we played for like 5 hours straight at least! The four was like 4.30 in the morning when people started making their way home. Definitely a great night!

Today when we woke up me and Andre watched Tangled because he hadn't seen it and in my opinion it's waaay better than Frozen (Sorry all you 'Let it go'-fanatics), then I got home, met up with julle and my mom picked us up and drove us to Raisio. Had some delicious food, talked with my mama and after this hecic week I was just so exhausted I crashed on the sofa. Now I'm home, I'm planning on doing some stuff for our board meeting tomorrow and watching Saturday Night Live, and then get a long night's sleep!
Reunited, at last!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I don't wanna taco'bout it

It has been a hectic week but then again, I feel like all of my weeks are pretty hectic all the time. So a normal week, perhaps? I promised myself that I would start to blog more in January but it's been a week since I posted anything. #sorrynotsorry

So school started again and I actually felt quite inspired to get started, I definitely needed a vacay from it all but now I'm ready to get things moving once again. I also had my first board-meeting (I was selected secretary) and if you for some reason want to know more about our student association (maybe somebody thinking of applying to English at Åbo Akademi?) you can read more about Britannica on our blog at
On Wednesday there was a Back2School event at The Monkey so we started at Emil's with some drinking games and then made our way to the nightclub where I saw a lot of people from my old high school, which was fun 'cause most of them I haven't seen in ages! I definitely had a great time, the thing that wasn't so great was waking up to go to school next morning.

Other than that I've just been studying for my two exams next week, I visited my familia in Raisio and it was a love fest as you can see from the pictures below. The only thing I was bummed about was the fact that we ate tortilla - not that I have ANYTHING against tortillas - but I had actually made tortillas myself the day before, which meant that I have eaten tortillas for lunch and dinner for the past 3 days. I think I'd ever say this but I actually don't feel like eating tortillas for a whole year, it's so sad.
How I feel about taco & tortilla right now.

Yesterday I had a 9,5 hour shift so afterwards I was super tired, but decided to join my classmates in Bremer for a couple of drinks and some boardgames. We ended up playing Trivial Pursuit and like the wizard that she is Matilda won. When I came home I was sooo tired I went directly to bed - and slept for 12 hours straight! So today I had a lot of energy to get some reading done and I read for about 6 hours 'till I decided it was enough. The rest of the night will be spent watching Saturday Night Live, I think I deserve it.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


So turns out my school didn't start on Thursday, which means that I got up to go to school at nine and it was all for nothing! Well, I guess it was good 'cause I got some reading done for my grammar exam which is tomorrow and I'm probably more prepared now than I would've been if I hadn't gone to school. 
But yeah TOMORROW it really starts, and I actually feel a bit better about going than I did on Wednesday. I also have my first board meeting with Britannica which is really exciting. And I get to see everyone which is obviously the best part. What else have I been doing besides preparing for a new period in school? Well on Friday I saw Andre who came home from Sweden so we made dinner and basically just chilled and chatted for the rest of the night. 
This is what it said on the inside of a box of chocolates I got from Andre: "Chocolate contains the same aphrodisiac that is released from the body when you fall in love. Long live love." It was pretty sweet, literally.

On Saturday I worked all day and came home and basically just made dinner and watched tv, not too exciting. And today has been more of the same, just reading for the exam tomorrow, cleaning the apartment, making dinner and now watching tv. I also changed by background of my computer. I found this website where you can download really cute monthly calendars so I thought I'd customize them a bit with some pictures and quotes and then change my background each month. It's easy, costs nothing and a fun way to stay organized!  

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Do not go gentle into that good night

Bläääh, I don't want this winter holiday to be over, I really don't feel like gong back to school AT ALL. I'm excited to see everybody but I'm not excited about the exams I have next week and the week after that, or just studying in general, although it's what I've been doing for the most part this past week. 
I also went home to visit my family and spent the night there, and yesterday I made myself some sweet potato soup which was absolutely delicious and very filling. The recipe below if you're interested:
 Then last night I had a date with Emppu, we had some coffee in Robert's Coffee and went to see Interstellar. Mind. Blown. I knew it was gonna be good but I was so confused and amazed when we stepped out of the movie theater. I felt like I should go and do something meaningful with my life but at the same time I was so happy that I NEVER have to travel into space. Definitely never gonna become an astronaut, that's for sure. 
"Matthew Mcconnaughey's a dickturd... a dickturd.. what the fuck's a dickturd" 10 POINTS IF YOU KNOW THE REFERENCE

Today I've been working on my literature essay which I will force myself to finish TONIGHT, and then I also walked to YTHS to get my salmonella test fixed for work, and obviously I have to go somewhere else to do it so me walking there and back which took an hour was completely useless, buut it was nice to get outside, even if the weather is completely shit at the moment. So now I have to get back to the essay, but once I finish it I will reward myself with some pancakes 'cause it's the last day of holidays and my classes start tomorrow. Oh did I already mention that I don't wanna go?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Obvious Child

IT'S SO FRIGGIN COLD IN MY APARTMENT. Yesterday I wore 3 pairs of socks on and I was still freezing, and the funny part is that it's not even that could outside, when it was -15 degrees my apartment was much warmer. So my heater basically lives a life if its own. 
Yesterday after involuntarily starting working on all of my school stuff (Yay, I actually finished an essay) some of my friends came over to my place to chill. We were supposed to watch a movie but instead we talked about how I can't "flip the finger" normally, childhood memories and tried to get Cristel's boyfriend into believing she had gotten dreadlocks (He actually believed it for like 2 minutes). Fun night.
Today I continues with the school stuff (without much success, good thing I have almost the whole week off to get shit done) and watched the movie Obvious Child which I've been meaning to see for a couple of weeks now and I loved it. I think any girl in her twenty's can relate. And In about an hour I have a dinner-date with Andre soo I'm looking forward to that!
Blaah this post was pretty boring, I was supposed to show you this Buddha head I bought the other day but I'm too lazy to take a good picture of it. So now you have something to look forward too (or not, I'm probably the one person who is like completely excited about the Buddha head)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Time to get serious

Here's a recap of my New Year's Eve and Day:

I worked until 6.15 so I tried to be super super quick so that I could go home, get ready and get going to Raisio where I would be hosting the New Year's Eve "pre-party" at my parents' house. Andre also came a bit earlier to my place and he had bought me flowers and an wrist-band, how sweet is that?
Then we got a ride from Cristel's dad and most of my friends were already waiting outside the house to get in. Everybody had brought some snacks with them so we sat and ate, chatted, played drinking games and listened to music. Maya was home so you can imagine how hysterical she was with all the new people around her. Most of the people started making their way to the city at 11 o'clock but me, Essi, Cristel, Sofie and Andre stayed in Raisio, since none of us were really planning on going out to a bar so there was no point in going to look at fireworks at 12 when we could se them from our house as well. So at 12 we wished each other happy New Year and popped the champagne. At like 1 we started calling a taxi, and when it finally came we realized we were one too many so we had to order a new one. At 2.30 we were finally on our way to the city and at that point we were all set on just going home, so that's what we did. It was definitely the best New Year's I've had so far, thank you to everybody who came!
Almost everybody (except Essi who took the picture!)

On New Year's Day I woke up at Andre's, we just chilled, had breakfast and watched "The Departed" right until Netflix started acting up so I missed the ending (but he spoiled it to me anyways, so). At 5 o'clock I met up with Julle and we walked to Ella's place, where we had some torillas and gossiped about our New Year's. We also watched a very disturbing movie on Netflix called "Eating Out", I don't wanna spoil too much but basically it's a gay-oriented movie with terrible acting and some... uhm, nudity. Haha, it was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and the worst part is it has THREE sequels.

Yesterday I worked until 6 o'clock but after that I took a quick stroll around the shops in town and bought some stuff for the apartment, mostly cleaning-equipment. Yup, as soon as I got home I started cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom and it took me probably 3 hours but now it's super tidy and fresh looking. I also cleaned the drain and that was by far the most disgusting experience I've been through. THERE WAS HAIR (and dirt) EVERYWHERE. Ugh, I get shivers just thinking about it. And Now It's time to get serious and start with the important school stuff I've been avoidin for the past few weeks. Happy January everybody!