Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sawa dee ka!

Hey hey hey, long time no see! I'm back at home and I can already feel how the dry, Finnish air is peeling of my tan. Here's a short description of my time in Thailand, I'll probably post some more pictures later but I thought I'd make a bigger post about it at first.

The journey to Thailand was super long, all in all we traveled for over 28 hours so you can imagine how exhausted we were when we finally arrived at the hotel. First of all our departure time in Helsinki was at approximately 6 am, so we woke up at three in the morning and starting driving. Then we had a flight transfer at Milano, Hong Kong (The flight from Milano to Hong Kong was 14 hours long which is the longest flight I've ever been on, LUCKILY they had great movies on flight; Guardians of the Galaxy, Maze Runner, 22 Jump Street and many more) and finally we arrived at Phuket, But since we were staying in Khao Lak, we had to drive an additional 1,5 hours to our hotel. Our taxi driver drove like a maniac, I would've probably feared for my life if I wasn't so exhausted so instead I tried not to fall asleep. 

The first couple of days we stayed at the Pakarang Beach which was right by our hotel (you could see the beach from the hotel reception and restaurant are where we had breakfast) and there were barely any people there. At times it was just our family alone at the beach, I don't know whether it was because high season hadn't yet started or if our hotel was situated at a more secluded place but it was quite nice to have the whole beach for yourself. Pakarang was in fact one of the areas which was worst hit by the 2004 tsunami, and I thought I'd write about that in another post, since December 26th will mark the 10 year anniversary of the devastating tsunami.  
The women who worked on the beach at the massage stands were so kind and helpful, I even went and took a massage a couple of times. What could be better, to get e relaxing massage right at the beach?
Picture perfect. It honestly looks like a painting.

We had also heard of a much nicer beach, White Sand Beach which was a bit further away from where we stayed so we figured we'd take a taxi and go and check it out. Then we happened to meet a Finnish couple (which was quite surprising since our hotel was filled with Japanese people so to meet someone from Finland was a nice surprise) who told us about a short cut from our hotel to the beach which was only 10 minutes by foot. We were lucky to meet them 'cause they gave us a lot of good tips on what to do and go and see and we ended up having dinner with them on several occasions. When we first walked toward White Sand beach it felt a bit like an adventure. We walked along a dirt road through the jungle (you could hear monkeys making noises in the trees), came to a very poorly made bridge by a small lake and then we stepped into paradise. It was without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen.  

The "bridge" which led us to the beach

Can you imagine stepping out of the bushes into this scene? It was magical.

It was also Tarja and Kaitsu who tipped us about going on a fishing trip. Of course there are many companies who advertise fishing trips so there are many to choose from but they led us to this really small shed by the beach next to the dirt road which led to the beach and so we booked a fishing trip with them. At 7 o'clock we took a long tail boat with the two fishermen (only one of them spoke English quite poorly ('aaaw kaputt' he said when a fish got away) but they were so kind and helpful - just like all the other locals we had met. It was actually my first time fishing and I did catch my first fish ever, I actually caught 13 fish in the end. At four we made our way back to the beach where they prepared the fish we had caught so we got to taste it. It was soo good, I mean you can't really get any fresher fish than that! And by the time we got back they had already printed a picture of our family on a advertisement flyer, which was pretty funny. 

I'm gonna have to continue in another post 'cause now I have to start unpacking, cleaning the apartment and go Christmas shopping. Can you believe Christmnas in only 3 days away? I sure can't.

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