Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve

I can't believe I'm still blogging after that 2O14-post which literally took me over an hour to write! But since I have work tomorrow I'll write this now 'cause I have no time tomorrow. So tomorrow is New Year's Eve if anybody has missed it. People always make a huge deal about it and obviously you feel like you want to do something special because everybody else is doing something special. Usually though, there is always so much stress about making the night perfect and then in the end it's just mediocre. Not that I have that much experience, I've only celebrated New Years twice with my friends here in Finland; The first time I was like 14 so we just stayed at Julle's parents's house and giggled our way through the night, which was actually a lot of fun; and the second time I had turned 18 so my expectations were high but at midnight I got a kiss from Ella (no offence Ella, but it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for), after which we went to a friends house, drank a few shots of vodka and walked home in the rain, our feet completely wet and me feeling like a zombie because I hadn't slept in like 40 hours (I got back from the States that same day)... sooo not too perfect. Not to mention the year before that when I spent midnight trying to get my cousin out of her car where she was crying hysterically because she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend. I literally said "Happy New Year" to a 90-year-old Spanish woman whom I had never met before. Haha, it sounds pretty funny now but it was not funny back then, 'cause I literally knew no one at the party (not to mention that it was like a family-party, hence the 90-year-old granny.) 

Ok enough about my sucky New Year's Eve- experiences from the past. THIS year the plan is to meet up at my parents' house and just start the night of there. At some point we'll probably make our way to the city but I'm not stressing it, everybody I want to see and end the year with will be there in the beginning of the night and that's all I care about. 

Me and Essi also talked about some New Year's resolutions and instead of picking something out of the usual category (like eating healthier and working out more) we thought of smaller things. I actually found most of these from e great Buzzfeed list which can be found here.  It's titled: "49 New Year's Resolutions Twentysomethings Should Cosider". I'll share my picks from the bunch:

1. Revisit places from your childhood that were memorable, whether it’s the gym you used to go for tumble tots or the pier where you ate your first ever ice cream.
2. Pick a European city to visit this year.
3. Ditch phones when you’re eating with other people. (I'm pretty good at this already but I'll try to ditch the phone at other times as well)
4. Sing out loud whenever you feel like it
5. Give more compliments.
6. Clear out all the clutter in your room and clothes you no longer fit into
7. Try a food you’ve never eaten before. (Hello, Crab!)
8. Give blood.
9. Start a Mexican wave in the queue for a nightclub (Haha totally not gonna do this one but I thought it was so funny I just had to put it one the list.)
10.  Learn to make the first move, be bold, be brave, be the first to dance, grab 2015 by the horns.
Hell yeah! Oh and nr 11:Cut down on swearing :P

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