Monday, December 22, 2014

Khao Lak continued...

Where was I? Ok, the food. Like I mentioned (or did I mention it?) we didn't live in the center of Khao Lak, in fact the area we stayed at was quite secluded. So there were just a few restaurants and one 'mini market' near to our hotel, and they all basically served the same dishes. Don't get me wrong, they were very good, I can honestly say that everything I ate was really delicious. Pad Thai, steamed rice with sweet and sour sauce, fried rice.. yum! But after having noodles and rice with chicken for 2,5 weeks straight it's safe to say that I look forward to having Christmas dinner in a couple of days.
In this first picture I have quite a lot on my plate; spring rolls as appetizers and a thai wok dish as the main course. But because it was so hot outside, we were rarely very hungry so the first week or so we only ate breakfast and dinner. This particular day we tried to go and eat a little later than usual so we were all super hungry. Our table was filled with plates, you should've seen the owner's face when we ordered, it's like he couldn't believe that 4 people could eat that much food! 
 Kieng Lay was by far our favorite restaurant of all the small restaurants which were near our hotel. The staff was super friendly, the food was good and they had the cutest little puppy dog called "Friday" which ran around the restaurant.

Sweet & Sour Chicken and Pad Thai which is my absolute favorite dish, probably had it like 7 times :D

Maxens favorite drink was the Lemon Shake and mine was Mai Tai

Picture of the mini mart where we mainly bought chips and breezers.

There were a couple of times when we took a taxi and went to Khao Lak city, to shop or to have dinner. First of all the taxi was like a pick up truck with no back side to it. You just jumped in, told them where you wanted to go and held on tight. But the drivers were always so nice and they would wave at us every time they saw us.

It might not be the safest ride but hey, at least you get a view right?

I wouldn't say I really enjoyed shopping that much. All of the stores basically offer the same things, once you enter a shop there's always someone following you, trying to sell you. If you look at an item, they'll immediately start asking you for prices. The whole point is that you have to try to beat down the price, which is something I'm not very good at and most certainly don't enjoy doing. So I didn't spend that much money on the trip, in fact I didn't even use half of what I had with me. Plus the people working in the shops were a lot ruder in the city than in Pakarang where we stayed so that was a bit off putting as well. 

We also took a taxi to the Takuapa market. The two things I enjoyed the most were: 1) Getting to hold a slow loris. It is by far the cutest animal I've ever seen in real life, it was so cute I just wanted to cry and take off running with it and never give it back. And 2) The Blah Blah Bar, or more precisely that they had these little bottles in which you could write a note and then hang it somewhere in the bar. So the whole bar was filled with tiny bottles with secret messages from people all over the world. And I'll never reveal what I wrote on mine ;)

And now I think there'll have to be a third post as well because I am so damn tired and I seriously have to go to bed. But I'll try to post tomorrow as well before work. Hopefully I'll finnish this Thailand chapter by then!

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