Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I cannot believe it's New Year's Eve tomorrow. This year has gone by SO FAST, and I know I always say that but this time I really mean it! So here's a look back at what has happened:


New Year's Eve last year was spent literally up in the air - we flew home from Florida and I suffered from MAJOR jet lag and killed time by binge-watching The Mindy Project.

I visited Essi in Tampere and started planning moving in together, a plan that came through a half year later!

THIS was the view outside. Simply beautiful!

I was in the process of rehabilitating my foot and went out on walks - sometimes accompanied by my friends.

O played teacher & had a pancake party with my classmates.


Ansku's 20th Birthday aka. Mexico party! 

Valentine's day sitz!

Had a few board-game nights with my friends and we've played this game wayyy too many times!

Played the FIA-cup with Ella and we got all the way to the final!


We celebrated Emppu's 20th birthday and the theme was the 90's & Emppu made us drinks as she had just gotten her bartending license. 

My foot was getting better so I could continue playing basketball, but it unfortunately became my last season (at least for the moment). Right now I'm balancing work and school so it hasn't really left me a lot of spare time, which means I haven't been playing. I definitely miss it but I just know that I would be completely burned out if I had continued.

Stood in line for the pampas nationaldag tickets. Looking at the line, you'd think it was a line for a concert, NOT just a student event for Swedish-speaking people. BUT we got the tickets!

Had a nice wine-night with my classmates.

PAMPAS NATIONALDAG in one word was awesome. 


Lunch at Blanko on a sunny day is perfection!

I worked and saw Jesus Christ Superstar at ÅST (and became totally obsessed with the musical, I would listen to the whole soundtrack 3 times in a row...)

It was my turn to turn 20 and I threw a pretty big Great Gatsby birthday bash!

April means it's almost summer (hehe almost) and also the opening of the river-boats! I still lived at home and would eat food like almost every week, gaah appreciate your parents cooking guys!


Celebrated Vappu and it actually turned out to be a great night which was great 'cause we didn't really have any plans and big events and holidays usually turn out to be pretty crappy! The morning after we had brunch at my place and my mom and grandma were the ones drinking champagne - everybody else was too hungover.

Spent 3 weeks in Edinburgh with my classmates! I have too many pictures to choose from of this trip...


And when I got home, I was introduced to a new member of our family: Maya Joyful! I don't have a lot of pictures from June 'cause I mostly just worked.


It was RUISROCK time and this year did not disappoint. We saw a lot of bands, got lost, met new people, shed a few tears and mostly just enjoyed every second of it!

I was actively looking for an apartment and then I found one - and got it right away!

The process of moving in began!


Essi and I officially became roomies!

Ella turned 20 so we celebrated with both brunch and a housewarming party!

GULIS week began and so did my time as a tutor. The first week was packed with program and I hope my freshmen had as much fun as I did! As a result of one of our evening activities I also got an angry letter from my neighbors.. wooops...


September continued the way August had ended - with a lot of parties...

But I also studies A LOT! Promise!


Sushi dinner with Essi was a success!

I studied and studied...

But also had time for some sitzes and parties , haha XD

Visited Maya& my family almost every weekend!

Halloween was a blast!


I attended KK:s 91st annual party and the sitz afterwards. It was a very looong weekend but a fun one!

Harry Potter Sitz!

And Glöggrundan which is the last thing I'll post about, 'cause I've just posted about Thailand which is pretty much what happened in December.

No wonder this year has gone by so quickly - I mean look at all the things I've been up to! I can honestly say that this has been the busiest year ever. I constantly has either school work to finish, work or plans with friends so I have been booked and at times exhausted but I'm so glad  that I've done it all 'cause it has also been one of the best years ever. I became so close to people I care about, I stayed close with the friends I've know for year even though we've all gone our own ways, I've managed to make my apartment into the kinda home I want to live in, I have a job which means I don't have to worry about paying rent, I have a great roommate who is so easy to live with, I get to see my family almost every weekend and Maya brings a smile to my face every time I'm with her. Thank you for making my year special, people!

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