Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's my right to be hellish, I still get jealous

On replay 24/7 at the moment. My love for Nick Jonas is never-ending, I think all of my friends who have known me since high school know that a bit too well. Not only was my wall covered in pictures of him but I basically put his face on everything I could. I remember I had a ruler which was covered with pictures of Nick Jonas's face (gosh I sound like a creep) and then I lost the ruler in school! I searched for it for days  and then one day I saw a girl using it and I actually went up to her and asked to get in back. The ruler was literally made out of cardboard and worth nothing, plus apparently it had traveled through a lot of people since almost every Nick Jonas on the ruler had a mustache or glasses drawn on him. But I got it back and was super happy!

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