Monday, November 24, 2014

I was born sick, but I love it.

Merry Monday everybody! This week is super booked for me, not only do I have tons of schoolwork to finish, I also have a sitz, work, Glöggrundan is coming up, then I have to start packing, exchange some money and do a little more homework. Today I've been trying to finish some of my essays which are due this week, without much success really. I did manage to get one history essay done but it took me soooo long, my mind was completely blank when I sat down in front of my computer. Also I'm feeling a bit sick (damn Essi, she's been sick all last week and looks like I'm getting whatever she's had) and I definitely don't want to be sick right now. 

At least it's cosy writing essays in the candlelight. Although, one of my scented candles gave me a serious headache. Ps. I am obsessed with the song below atm, I heard it randomly at work, googled it and now it's on repeat. 

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