Saturday, November 1, 2014


Haven't had time to update, but here's a recap of the last week for you:

On Monday Britannica had organized a pub quiz and me and my classmates formed a group called "Cantenbury Fails". We were pretty confident in our team, but in the end we came in fourth place. I was still very pleased with our input, and besides, the most important thing isn't winning but having a good time with your friends. I ended up going to an after party for a while but I was home at 2, which is pretty early considering. 

On Wednesday after doing my homework and meeting up with my mama real quickly, me and Emppu headed to the movies. In the spirit of Halloween we thought it would be most appropriate to go and see a scary movie, Annabelle more specifically. It was so much worse than I imagined. I both hate and love horror movies at the same time - they scare the living shit out of me but at the same time I like it. I guess you could say I'm a scary movie sadomasochist.

On Thursday I basically just went to school, work and watched The Bachelorette with Essi and on Friday after work I quickly got home, made myself ready and headed to Ansku for her Halloween/Going Away Party (Thanks for having us Ancha, I had a great time). My favorite part was playing Baseball, which is a drinking game which combines Beer Pong and Flip Cup and it was awesome, even though my team lost. After a lot of hassel with the taxis and a quick stop by Aapo's, we finally made it to the Monkey where we danced until about 3 o'clock, when I was totally ready to go home. But yup, definitely a super fun Halloween!
Can you guess what I'm dressed as (I'm also not the only one sporting crazy, blue hair...) I'm Marge Simpson duuuh

Today I've just been chilling at home, Julle came over and we got some pizzas from Koti pizza and watched tv. I also rearranged a bit in my room so I'll try to take a picture of it and post it here 'cause I actually like the way my room looks right now!

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