Sunday, November 30, 2014


I'm gonna start by saying that I've been super sick this week but now I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, which I good because I somehow always manage to get sick right before a flight and it's probably the worst thing ever. So here's hoping I'll me cough-free on Wednesday!

This weekend has been fully packed, starting with Glöggrundan on Friday. After school I wasn't feeling pumped at all, I pretty much felt like just staying and bed. But after a shower and sowing on a few patches on my overall I felt a bit better. I met up with my classmates, Julle & Cristel at the Church at 3.30 where we exchanged our tickets into maps. Then we started walking around from place to place, had a glögg or some other drink and just chilled. I saw Johanna which was definitely one of the highlights of the night, I haven't seen her in forever so it was nice to catch up briefly. We definitely need to meet more often!

The whole point with the bar crawl was to collect stamps and when you had enough of them, you'd get a patch for your overall. Well, of course I managed to lose my map just when I had enough stamps. I was sad for a while but in the end it didn't really matter, I had a great time with my friends and that was the most important thing. After having pizza at my place we went to check out the line to the Monkey which was the official venue for the after party, and it was craaaazy long. Luckily we found some people we knew in the line so we pretty much just skipped the line and got in pretty fast. The Monkey was so crowded and I had work on Saturday morning, so I was home already at 12. But yup, awesome night with special people, definitely doing it again next year.
No, I didn't do all of those shots... 
Glöggrundan selfie!!

Like I said, I worked the whole day yesterday, almost 10 hours. When I came home I just gathered my stuff and drove home to my parents to Raisio, I had promised to babysitt the brother and the dog. I was so exhausted after everything that's been going on so I went to bed at 11.30 which is pretty early, and got a good 10 hours of sleep. It was definitely what I needed. I've been to work today again, but now I'm at home doing some homework (Homework on a Sunday evening should be illegal people), Essi's also come home after being gone for almost a week so I've catched up with her on everything that's happened and as soon as I'm finished with the homework I have to download some music and start packing... Ugh, I HATE packing, specially for a trip this long.
Maya was acting like a complete teenager last night, she only did things she wasn't allowed to do and wanted me to keep wrestling with her. It's ok, I still love her. I mean how could I resist those puppy eyes? 

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