Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blast from the past

Just read Ansku's blog (who btw going to Australia on Saturday and will stay there for 3 months (!!!) and become a bartender) and saw she had made a post where she had posted old pictures so I'm basically just copying her now and doing the same! Enjoyyyy!

I think I've mentioned my bedroom wall quite frequently in recent posts but here's another picture which proves how crowded it actually was. However, something creepy happened and one night when I went to sleep there was a man standing behind my window staring at me when I was in bed (I know, super creepy) and after that all of the faces on the posters just looked like they were staring at me so I took them all down.

This picture is from my old high school girl's bathroom, where we spent a lot of time (for some reason) during recesses. 

Christmas time 2009

Fun night with the team 2010

That one time I was Lucia and we actually performed in an IKEA store. We walked around the store and sang Christmas songs. We had to sing Santa Lucia probably 7 times just to walk once around the whole store. I think people mostly just thought we were in the way, haha. 

Albanus 2009. For sure one of the most fun things we ever did with my old high school class. It was just a couple of days but we got to sail on this boat, make dinner together, chill, watch the stars and talk about everything between the moon and the earth. And we got to take naps on the deck in the sunshine, as you can see. Good times!

Abi day in 2010, when I was a "freshman"

Gammeldans 2012

Rhodos 2012. Hahha we had so much fun on those rings!

Ugly clothes day 2013

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