Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday snapshots

It has pretty much been a perfect weekend. On saturday all of my girls came over to my parents place, and I actually mean each and everyone of them (except for Meri, buu!). I had so much fun, I laughed until I cried and it was just great, so lucky to have such wonderful friends, jag älskar er alla!
My favorite big scarf to wear in the fall// Salad buffet, yum yum yum

I stayed the night at my parent's house, so in the morning I got to cuddle up with Maya and finally have a cup of coffee (I've been out of milk for two days so I haven't been able to have my morning coffee which has been extremely frustrating..). I also took a trip to IKEA and got some things for my apartment; a bedside table, a super comfy blanket, some pillows, a new carpet for our kitchen and some scented candles, basically everything I need for a cold winter night. My grandma also came to visit and we had a delicious dinner prepared by the best cook in the world, my dad. Looked at old pictures, had pancakes for dessert, watched tv... perfection.
Me and my cousin were so photogenic when we were kids// The most badass picture of my dad from when he used to play football. The title says: "No wounds can stop Jami". My hero!

Sunday dinner

Right now: Vanilla scented candles and chamomile tea from my moomin cup. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend. 

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