Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Party on, excellent!

Last Friday after my exam (which went ok) I mostly hung out with Julle and watched the Bachelorette wedding and in the evening I made an appearance at Matilda's housewarming party, which was a lot of fun. I didn't stay for too long, I knew that I had to read for my upcoming History exam all Saturday.
Two pics I stole from Tillies blog x

On Saturday I did some serious reading for about 4 hours and then I got a ride to my parent's house with Julle. It was just me and mom (and Maya) so we had some salad and talked gossip for a good two hours while I did my laundry.

It was a very short visit, a few hours later my mom drove me and Julle back to town and after putting my laundry to dry, me and Julle went to her place for a few drinks and some much needed gossip. We continued to Blanko where we sat for a couple of hours. It was really nice to spend some quality time with my bestie!

On Sunday we planned to go to Kerttu for some hamburgers but that never happened, so instead I stayed in my pajamas all day and read for my History exam. Sometimes its nice to just stay in your pajamas all day, especially on a Sunday!

On Monday I had a library exam from 12-16 and after that I went home and read for an additional 4 hours... so yeah, not the most exciting day, I'd say.

Yesterday I (yes you guessed it) read for the most part of the day, but at 6 I made my way to André's  where some of my classmates gathered to watch a movie. We saw Wayne's world, which I have been meaning to see anyways and I really liked it. Movie night with friends was just what I needed to gather energy for my exam-reading. That's basically all I've been doing today, I read from 13-17, had a one hour brake and ate, and then continued until approximately 20. Then my brain literally felt like Jello so I decided it was enough for tonight. Tomorrow's the last day of reading and I cannot wait to no have to read anymore, I probably won't have time to go through everything but at least I've given it my best try!

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