Saturday, October 11, 2014

New sheets, Fresh fruit.

Yesterday was lovely. Just the fact that I got to sleep in and do all my morning routines without rushing was just what I needed. Before work I got some stuff from the "Crazy Days" sale; a white basic cardigan and two really cute bowls. Then I had lunch and a coffee by myself at Cafe Brahe. So it was kinda like an afternoon with myself, and I think you need those every once in a while.

Then after work I hurried home, made myself ready and met up with Julle and Emppu and we walked to Emil's together. A few drinking games and too many horrible pictures later we made our way to B. Oh my gosh, we probably had to queue for 1,5 hours, it was absolutely cray cray. But I'd say it was worth it, I definitely had a blast last night.

Didn't feel too hot today when I woke up but after tons of water, aspirin and a shower I got this crazy urge to clean. So now my room is looking super cozy with new sheets and fresh fruit I got from the market. Right now I'm waiting for Isa to come pick me up 'cause all of the girls are coming over to my parent's place to eat, laugh and gossip.

My new bowls//"All you need is love. But a little cider now and then doesn't hurt."

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