Friday, October 3, 2014


It's been e very very very busy week for me, mostly consisting of -yes you guessed it- school. But somehow I've managed to get everything done in time so this weekend is (almost) free of homework.

On Wednesday I did go and play football with some peeps from our English Department and it was so nice to get away from constantly thinking about how much work I have for school. It was also nice to do some exercise other than just jogging/going out for walks. Right now I have about 100 bruises all over my body and my upper back is still a bit soar but next week we decided to play basketball so I might be a bit more in my element.

Yesterday me and Essi decided to make dinner together and after many ifs and butts, we went with sushi which was one of the best decisions ever. I made salmon-avocado-cucumber maki-rolls and they were heavenly but I have to say I was completely stuffed after eating 12 pieces. But we both agreed that this was something we have to do again, not only was it delicious but it was fun making the sushi rolls. Afterwards we watched our new favorite girl show, The Bachelorette, so it was pretty much a perfect Thursday evening.

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