Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater


This weekend has been dedicated to work and homework and the upcoming week will look pretty much the same. So instead of thinking about that I listen to Sweater Weather by the Neighborhood and daydream of all the things I wish I had right now, like...

... time, both literally and metaphorically. I really need a clock on my wall (I got one from Julle but I have to say it's really ugly so there is no chance I'm putting that on my wall, sorry Jullsbulls!)
... a cozy blanket for cold winter nights
...and some scented candles, also for cold winter nights
...some new sunshades, my favorite pair have unfortunately broken for the 100th time and I need to find a substitute until I somehow get them fixed again
... cozy sweater, cuz sweater weather duh
... art for my walls, I need to change it up a bit

Sweater Weather

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julle said...

heeeeej den va billi ;D